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    Hi, I am posting to my blog using xmlrpc. I can associate categories to the blog, also there is a method to get the current categories from wordpress. I was wondering if there is a way to associate the tag to the blog, using xmlrpc, I also didn’t find a method to get your existing tag.



    Do you mean get the current categories from wordpress.com or from your wordpress blog?

    There is an XML RPC method to do that, but I guess it depends on which XMLRPC library you are using. Same issue with the tags. In the library that I used, it had a method to associate tags and categories, etc.

    Which XML RPC library and which langauge are you using?


    The metaWeblog.getPost/editPost/newPost methods have support for the mt_keywords field, which contains the tags for a post. There is no method to simply get all of the tags used in your blog, like you can do for categories. That would be an interesting feature to have though.


    Thanks josephscott, I was using blogger.newPost and it didn’t have anything like that, also I didn’t find the mt_keywords field in xmlrpc.php that I got from wordpress.org , I believe it is 2.4 version and wordpress.com uses the same xmlrpc.php

    I will make a support request for having a method for getting all the tags.


    I am using php, and an XML RPC library available here – http://www.guardiansoftware.net/wordpressxmlrpc



    What I did was to just grab all of my posts loop through them, create key value pair data structure to grab/store all of my tags (with the tag count as the value), so I could do stats, etc. It’s not the most eloquent of techniques, but it works. You could do something like that and just save that locally or in a cache, so you would only call it when you needed to refresh it.


    Thanks jameswelch, that answer one part of my question, the other question is when I post a message to my blog how do I associate tags to it.


    As I mentioned before, using metaWeblog.newPost, you can set tags via the mt_keywords field.


    thanks josephscott, what language do you use to post to the wordpress, do you mind sharing your code for a post with metaWeblog.newPost


    I do mostly PHP, for XML-RPC I use the IXR library http://code.google.com/p/ixr/

    Docs are at http://scripts.incutio.com/xmlrpc/


    Thanks josephscott. I will take a look at it.

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