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    I’ve been playing around with the xmlrpc API, and found it to be somewhat misleading. When a getUsersBlogs call is done, I would suppose it to return all blogs that are accessible through the xmlrpc location the call was made on; it, however, returns list of all the users blogs, and the other blogs must have different xmlrpc URLs.

    I would find any of the following sensible:
    1) a getUsersBlogs on http://<blog&gt;.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php would yield only the <blog>, nothing else
    2) a newPost on http://<blog&gt;.wordpres.com/xmlrpc.php would respect the blogId used in the method call
    3) if nothing else, then at least using incompatible blogId in call newPost call should yield an error

    The current situation is quite a pain for software developers trying to create a program that supports many different blog providers; as wordpress.com’s current xmlrpc-API requires wordpress.com specific hacks.



    Best bet would be to take this up with the developers either in the wp-hackers mail list or over at wordpress.org. This topic is outside of the aspect of the support forums here since it’s mostly endusers in here and no programming is involved in here.

    Hope this helps,

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