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xmlrpc throws -32700 when sending html   in content of post

  1. I am trying to send a new blog post through xmlrpc and cannot get around error: '-37200': 'parse error. not well formed'. If there is   or   in the HTML sent with the post, it gives the above error after it hits wordpress.

    Anyone have any thoughts??

  2. ok...the codes did not show up....they are    

  3. Did you put the codes between backticks? If it's not showing up even then, then you have some pretty funky code.

  4. ok...can't seem to get them to show up so I will spell them out differently......

    ampersand nbsp; (you know the space character)

    It's unicode one was:

    ampersand pound 160;

  5. Where is your blog?
    What program are you using to send the post?

  6. I guess I didn't create a blog when creating my user.

    I am using java marquee.xmlrpc package to post to worpress 2.6 (It is a new install in my dev invironment). The code is very simple and works perfectly when not posting those characters, but I am posting HTML data "metaWeblog.newPost" and it does not like it when calling using ' '. It throws the error in class-IXR.php.

    It is clearly an encoding issue and the php parse is not like the unicode character but I'm not sure what to do about it. It could be the java is not properly sending the encodingtype or that php is expecting something different. I am not setting anything specific in either environment.

  7.   is the character I am using....

  8. I guess you are in the wrong forum. This is, and I guess you have to be over at .org.

  9. cannot display it at all, even with the backtick.....ampersand pound 160; sorry for the flubups, I can't seem to edit the post or delete it so I keep trying. It is the unicode character for a hard-space in HTML.

  10. Is this the wrong forum to ask technical questions/issues about wordpress? I am new to wordpress so please point me in the right direction if it is. WordPress 2.6 blows up when sending unicode characters....where do I go for questions about that?

  11. I see, gotcha....I should be at for such questions.

    Sorry for the trouble and thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  12. No problem.

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