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XMP metadata

  1. awoisoakdotcom


    I would like to know if there is any way of uploading images to WordPress without losing its XMP metadata (Creative Commons ones).
    I found this old post and such feature was not available at that time.
    I guess it has not been added yet as I can't make it work. Is there any plugin/workaround out there that is able to do such thing?


  2. Good day,

    I have added the tag "modlook" for a Staff to come and assist.

  3. Hi there, can you please confirm your site URL? That way we can give you more accurate info.

    My feeling is that XMP metadata is still not supported here on WordPressdotcom simply because when you upload an image, WordPressdotcom optimizes that image and creates several images at different sizes according to the dimensions in your WP Admin-Media Settings.

  4. Also, just to clarify, the only users who can add plugins on WordPressdotcom are those on the Business plan.

  5. This is mi site. In case it helps I just upload a photo with XMP metadata directly to my server:

    I uploaded the same file to my WordPress instance where you can see that the metadata is removed:

    I am aware that WordPress generate different sizes of the images. What I was hoping is that those generated images (or at least the original one) were somehow able to contain XMP metadata.

    I'd basically would like my pictures to appear when using the licenses filters in search engines.

  6. meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.9.1"

    Hello again @awoisoakdotcom Thanks for providing that additional information. It appears that your site is using the standalone WP software and isn't hosted on our servers. That hopefully also gives you some options that we don't have available here.

    For further help with this issue, you'll want to head over to the documentation and support for standalone WP installs at If you don't have a username account there, you can register one on that page. I'd also suggest that you search the forums there for similar questions before posting.

    Standalone WP (org) and WordPressdotcom (where we are) are different entities with separate documentation and support forums; more information about the differences can be found here:

  7. awoisoakdotcom

    Oh, my bad!
    I didn't realize that. Thanks for aiming me to the correct place.

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