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XMP Metadata in picture uploaded in media gallery

  1. Hello team,
    I would like to open a blog on your platform but I noticed that your media-gallery remove the XMP metadata (with the CC copyright info) from any images uploaded. Somehow the image uploaded is not the same I uploaded... can you confirm that? Am I doing something wrong?

    Because otherwise there are no possibility to embed any metadata information about CC... Please let me know

    thank you for your help
    best regards


    (sorry for my bad English)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Including EXIF data is optional. You can enable/disable this in 'Settings' --> 'Media' in your blog's dashboard. This is the link to the guide

  3. Thank you timethief for your fast answer.
    Maybe I was not able to explain well my issue. The problem is with XMP (and not EXIF) metadata. In XMP set you can include the "copyright" information of a picture (for example). But also a lot of other information. XMP wiki
    It seems that WordPress remove any XMP information as soon as the picture is uploaded to the library.

    Now the question is: is it true? if yes, why? (but the second one is more philosophical ;-) )

    This is what I do:
    - I have few pictures on my computer with XMP data embedded into;
    - I upload the pictures into the media library;
    - the pictures somehow are changed by the system and they loose the XMP metadata...
    If you download the picture that you uploaded, the XMP data are empty.
    Something wrong?

    thank you to anyone could help me


  4. Checking my own latest photos, it seems to be a hit or miss kind of thing. Even though I have processed these images exactly the same way in PSE11, some images have lost their XMP info while others have not. So I have to wonder if it is something on the processing side or

    I've tagged this for Staff input.

  5. Hello everybody,
    any update about this topic?

    thank you

  6. When someone has an update they will post it here.

  7. Wow what a clever answer!

  8. Are all your 30.000+ answers so helpful and useful?

  9. Why are you being argumentative. In fact raincoaster provide the correct response. When someone has an update it will be posted into this thread. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when that happens and please be patient while waiting.

  10. Hehehe a very strange way to see things.
    If I ask for an update, the answer "When someone has an update they will post it here." is argumentative.
    If you don't have update, don't answer.

  11. 6 days without an answer from the Staff and the issue is still there.
    This is an issue that affects everybody but nobody seems to care about it.

    An answer like:
    yes, it is an issue, we are working on its solution
    - or -
    no, it is correct, we don't want to keep XMP or IPTC copyright metadata information on all the images uploaded on our mediagallery.

    I don't know what this lack of answer means but fortunately there are other platforms in the web where copyright metadata are fully supported on all the images uploaded (the first I have in mind? Google Blogger and Picasa)
    Good bye

  12. We are Volunteers and Staff is away at a retreat. You must wait as all others are waiting for their return.

  13. Hi there,

    You are correct, as of right now our systems do not display any XMP or IPTC information which has been attached to your images, only the EXIF data which is written by your camera. Changing this is something which has been discussed, but no change has been made yet.

    I've added you as another person who is requesting this feature be added in a future revision!

  14. Ash, I don't believe this is a request to display the XMP data, rather a request to not strip it out of an uploaded image.

    As a part of post-processing an image, one can add copyright information via XMP, but this info apparently is stripped out of some images after uploading. Anyone who downloads this image ("View full size") is given a version with no copyright info embedded.

    Is the XMP data removed as part of the 10% compression process that all images undergo when uploading ?

  15. And make that 2 people to add to the list.

  16. One. Since the other claims to have left for the fabulous delights of Picasa.

  17. Maybe we can make out like ballots in the Florida elections.

    Still a valid request and question though.

  18. Besides, being on Picasa is one step ahead of being on Google+ and we both know that's where all the cool kids hang out these days.

  19. Have you seen it lately? Dear god. They took all their genius UI people and threw them down a well and hired all of Tumblr's people. It's revolting.

  20. Lol.

    You guys are an excellent thing to come in to first thing in the morning.

    Jen, I probably misphrased my response but I did understand the request to have the XMP data preserved as a part of the image. I'll also add your voice to the request.

    Hope you have a great day, and as usual, thanks for everything you folks do!

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