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Xy-pic wordpress support

  1. Hello,

    I like to use Xy-pic formula in my blog, but your script does not support that.

    You only have to add the line: \usepackage[all]{xy} to your php code. I think...

    Thank you,

    Ulisses Costa -

  2. I didn't explain: Xy-pic is a LaTeX package. And with that you can make diagrams, and a lot more.

  3. People from CodeCogs have done that:\xymatrix%20@!=.5pc%20{%20&%20&%20&%20=%20\ar@/^/[lld]%20\ar@/^/[rrd]%20&%20&%20\\&%20\circ%20\ar@/^/[d]%20\ar@/^/[ld]%20\ar@/^/[rd]%20&%20%20&%20%20&%20&%20f%20\\f%20&%20swap%20&%20swap%20&%20%20&%20&%20\\}

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