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    I’ve read through all the posts I can find on the topic and none of the advice seems to work. I got to that part where it republishes my blog with the wrodpress import template, then I get this error:
    malformedYour Blogger blog did not take the new template or did not respond.

    However, when I go to the index of the site, it looks like it worked. http://www.chrisforesman.com/effect/

    Can someone explain the process of the import script? Maybe I can figure out what’s screwing up.

    I think I hate this import script more than I hate Blogger, and that’s saying a lot.




    Afraid you’re at the wrong site. You need to be over at http://wordpress.org You’re running different software than we are here, you’re hosted elsewhere and we don’t have a YA (whatever that is) blogger importer here.

    Good luck,



    Haha, I think I figured out the .com/.org problem about 5am.

    Turns out that if you are running WordPress on your own server, and you want to import from Blogger, there is some error in the script that prevent it from importing unless it is published to blogspot. I’m posting this here incase someone else makes the same .com/.org mistake… judging from the forum posts it looks like a common mistake.

    Also, “YA” stands for “Yet Another.” Natch ;)

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