yahoo and wordpress tags don’t find my blog

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    I have used the exact phrase “are we safe now” in the “find anywhere in title” in the advanced search in Yahoo and Yahoo can’t find by blog that has this phrase in the title. In the search block I have used my tags and several words that appear in my blog but the blog is not one of the many that come up. I had specified enough words in the search such that only 58 blogs were found and mine was not one of them. My blog is essentially invisible. What do I need to do?

    The blog I need help with is



    I found it in Google – 2 hate Obama screeds and you are worried about SOE with only 2 Posts? search the Forum – your question is the most ask one here – do some research



    What words did you use in your Google search? Among other search terms in Google, I tried the complete phrase “are we safe now” and got only 2 hits, none of which were mine. In the search in WordPress I used the words Obama, midterm election, economy, exit polls, and safe and got 46 hits, again none were mine. And by the way, what’s the number of posts have to do with this?

    I will search the Forum… again.


    You have two posts. One in September and one in December. Posting once every 3 months is not going to endure you to the search engines. After several weeks of seeing no new content, they basically set you in the “dead” file and then only take a look every month or so.

    And with only two posts, you have a page rank of absolute zero, which means if you show up at all in searches for certain terms, you are going to be on page 500,831.

    Crank out posts on a regular basis (once a week). Give the search engines something to find and look at.


    Sorry, that should be “endear” – endear you to the search engines.



    They don’t find mine either and I post up to twice a day. Google has no problem. Also, WordPress has no problem with my other blog, just the one.


    That blog is indexed by google and also by bing: .

    Also, do NOT put the www in your URL. WordPress does not use them and that can cause false results with search engines.

    Put the following into the google search box:

    Besides, your blog is still only about a month and a half old. It will take 6 months to a year for you to build enough page rank to start showing up higher in searches with the search engines.



    I’m really taking about the WordPress tags. If I click on the ICCPR tag, for instance, by other (and younger) blog shows up, not this one.


    After looking around, one thing that might be getting you excluded is that staff have said that any blog with over a total of 10 tags + categories can be excluded from the global tags pages.



    OK – I will try using less than 10 and see what happens.



    It seems most of the blogs on that particular tag page list posts at the earliest from about 3 weeks ago. But if I do a search using the search box in the upper right hand corner of the tag page and then sort by “recent”, I get this

    Perhaps it’d be best to contact Support directly as to why the global tag page for ICCPR isn’t updated more frequently.

    If you get a reply, please post it back here.


    Also, contact staff and ask them to take a look at things. They have a lot of ways to look at things on their end that we volunteers do not have.

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