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Yahoo Answers - Badge

  1. Just want to ask if you can add a Yahoo Answers Badge to my blog? I'll just send you the code and other needed details via e-mail? Here's my blog address: / my e-mail address: [email redacted] - Thanks.

  2. What is Yahoo Answers Badge?

  3. If it's a simple html code, you can put the code in a text widget and place it on your sidebar. But if it's javascript, WordPress doesn't allow javascript codes. Or maybe set up a new catagory and place the url link of the site along with the url of the image. That way it will make a clickable image.

  4. @dennispate

    Have you heard of Yahoo Answers? This Yahoo Answers - Badge looks like any of the images found below.

    Just type the URL's below as the address or click the link:

    A) Yahoo Answers - Badge (Simple Badge):

    B) Yahoo Answers - Badge (Original Badge):

  5. Is that like Ask Jeeves?

  6. You will just need to have an existing Yahoo! Mail Account & just post your question(s) then you will hear answers from real persons. Their address is

    [Link fixed. -drmike]

  7. Ask Jeeves was a search engine that supposely understood how to answer a question posed to it. They're now moving to more of a standard search engine. is more of a forum where folks post questions and others respond. It's pretty much an open format.

    It's both a javascript and includes style tags. Both are going to be stripped out due to secirty concerns.

  8. never heart of it and I;m going to watch it.

  9. Another one you might be intersted it is Those questions are answered by Yahoo staffers though.

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