Yahoo FTPS changes – will it affect my current settings?

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    Hello WP,

    My domain “” is hosted on Yahoo and is mapped to my wordpress account “”. The following message showed up on my Yahoo! Webhosting page:

    Connect only using FTPS
    Important Update
    We are making the move to only supporting FTPS.

    As of February 19, 2013, Yahoo! Small Business will complete the transition to only supporting FTPS.

    If you aren’t using a Yahoo! Publishing tool such as, Yahoo! SiteBuilder or Site Solution, you will need to take action. In order to prevent any issues when uploading new content to your website, make sure you have updated your FTP client to use FTPS settings instead of FTP.

    NOTE: If you are using Yahoo! SiteBuilder, Yahoo! Site Solution or Store Editor to build your website you will not be impacted by this change and do not need to take action. If you are using any other tool, you will be impacted and will need to take action.

    My question is – how will this affect my current settings and is there action needed on my part? Please help.


    The blog I need help with is



    Should have no effect – you domain name is registered through Yahoo – and your web site is here at WordPress.COM – you should have nothing on Yahoo – all the tools mentioned are not normal tools for use on any WordPress based blog – those tools are for building html based web sites.

    I have also flagged this for the staff to double check



    Auxclass is right :) Feel free to contact us if you have any problem after the change.


    Thank you both! An amateur web guy is very appreciative. :)



    What if Yahoo! does the web hosting and the blog is managed via WordPress platform? Thanks.



    What if Yahoo! does the web hosting

    Then you will be affected by the changes – depending on what software you are using to build / edit your web site and how you connect to your web site



    My husband uses WordPress to build/edit his blog but his website is hosted at yahoo without “wordpress” in the address. What should he do? Is it difficult to change to ftps? Does he have to ditch Yahoo!?



    He needs to ask at WordPress.ORG. This site only does support for blogs hosted at


    Post Feb 19 Yahoo Transition — our site and connection remains intact. Thanks again @auxclass and @kardotim

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