yahoo introduce YUI CSS

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    Yahoo introduced YUI formate, this is very nice and clear its very easy to follow and apply….. why wouldn’t you try this……….



    not sure what do you mean by “YUI format”, perhaps of the YUI Library CSS Tools such asCSS Grids?

    there was a discussion on inclusion this tool in the Sandbox 1.0 theme, but it’s no more and the theme itself has been upgraded just recently. so it’s not actual for’ers, sorry.

    but even more I’m totally not sure what the heck [handle removed] has ‘modlooked’ this thread?


    no clue on the modlook, or why options comment got censored. nonetheless:

    while you can’t directly link the YUI CSS, there’s no reason you can’t adapt their pattern to

    using multiple stylesheets is only for clarity while designing. It’s actually better to include all your CSS in one stylesheet the way does.



    well, actually it was self-censored (I should probably say: [epithet removed] instead).

    still wonder what keyword has triggered a dog-watch alert though (YUI ain’t a XUI, is it? ;-)



    We have no clue who tags threads.

    If it’s spam, it’s nuked.
    If it’s an error / open email, it’s fixed.
    And if it’s points of view I delete the tag and get back to whatever I was doing.

    Hopefully the person who tags and sees no ‘result’ will learn that modlook does not equal delete.



    And if it’s points of view I delete the tag and get back to whatever I was doing.

    If these forums aren’t moderated anymore then the ‘modlook’ tag should probably be changed to something else entirely.



    They are moderated.

    I do here what I did in the .org forums. It’s not my job to ‘modlook’ a thread and nuke it just because the opinion is different.
    It is my place to ask people to step back and relax if things are getting heated, and it is my place to respond to feedbacks sent in to Support. Which I do.

    I have always said that a moderator’s job is to not be seen moderating. Keep things tidy, move what needs to be moved, remove junk highlighted by users. Somewhere on the wp-forums mailing list is the full words of what I think and I won’t be thinking anything different now.

    I don’t think the forums are bad and that is down to everyone that uses them – if the tone and helpfulness stay good then the job of moderating falls.

    But they are moderated.



    i was the one who modlooked it. i thought it should’ve been moved to off-topic since it wasn’t to do with i should’ve known better than to modlook something i know nuts of. i’d leave the modlooking to people with more knowledge and authority in future.

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