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    I hope that I am not being redundant, but I searched through FAQ’s and the Forum and couldn’t find the answer to this question…

    My submission to Yahoo fails each time because I cannot add the meta tag in between <head> and <body> like it requests. Nor can I download and upload the file (or at least don’t know how to) they say I should upload to my site.

    Is there a way around this so that Yahoo can see my site? Thanks for your help!


    Not sure where you’re going, but one doesn’t have to do all that you’ve been attempting to do. All’s one does is go to this link and submit their site’s URL.

    There’s nothing to copy to place on your blog.



    Diamondfitswerny, thank You, But I have also been trying with all sorts of instructions Yahoo give, Keys, Meta Tags and a special html to verify,and I was failing as well, anyway thank you.


    Well, it worked for me, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you! I’m not sure where you went. I do know that to submit, I believe you need a yahoo username. Or maybe the fact that I have one is why they asked for mine? At any rate, all’s I did was submit my URL and all was well.



    same here, it keep telling that File type (the autentication key that i try to upload) does not meet security guidelines. :(



    Follow diamondfistwerny’s instructions. It’s easy and it works. blogs rank high in Yahoo searches.

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