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YAY Dreams!

  1. k, wats the weirdest/freakiestt dream that u've ever had? Don't be shy to finally share ur dreams with the world!

    My freakiest dream ever was that my dog only had 3 legs. Which is so not true! little Gi gi is full on four legged!

  2. my freakiest dream is my teeth falling out or crumbling into tiny pieces the freaky part is this dream has been reoccurring since i was a kid back than i would wake up in the middle of the night searching my bed and floor for my tooth that was wriggly at the time only to realize it was a dream, these dreams are very vivid with details like tasting the blood or feeling the teeth in my mouth, i am nearly 25 these dreams have been happening for as long as i can remember and happens quite often like every few weeks or months sometimes days in a row

    yeah creepy i know lets just say i take good care of my teeth in hopes it never happens for real

  3. yeah but, isn't there sumth'n that u can do 2 get rid of that dream? maybe it cud mean sumth'n subconsciously.

  4. My freakiest dream ever was a dream that was like a zombie movie with one of my best guy friends. It ended very oddly and we both had the dream. Now we're dating...I guess it was a very good, odd dream though...

  5. Oh my G-d. Now that is scary! Yet, seriousely ironic at the same time...

  6. Yeah, but I think it turned out pretty good. Hahaha! It has forever changed zombie movies for both of us!

  7. Being chased by a group of satanic worshippers to make their sacrifice.

    It was scary and fun at the same time

  8. My friend/manager was held at gun point for a robbery. Went to work the next day and I found out two other people had the exact dream. Creepy.

  9. I often have odd dreams. Most of the time I am being chased, which is very common.
    Weirdest dream, I dreamt I was a flying chicken the other week.
    More weirdly in a significant proportion of my dreams I am aware of the fact that I am dreaming, which is very bizarre. Does anyone else have this?

  10. I always know I'm dreaming. That makes it all the more fun. I lucid dream, so I'm in control of most of the happenings of the dream. It's a lot of fun.

  11. Last night I had a weird dream about a White House party. I met Obama and the Jonas Brothers. It was really weird.

  12. I wish we choose our dream...I want to have a dream with Cillian Murphy in it hehe

  13. @flywheel
    ahh yes lucid dream thats what its called, forgot... they are sooo weird, however very entertaining. Lots of fast cars :p

  14. This is a funny topic because I just blogged about the one I had last night.

  15. I once dreamt I was set on fire by my cat. Very strange.

  16. okay, I kid you not bokunosekai, I had a lucid dream about two weeks ago with cillian murphy in it, but I ended up kind of losing lucidity and he tried to kill me. It was awesome up until that point though...

  17. Last week I dropped off to sleep at my desk and had a terrifying dream about Joey Dee of 'Joey Dee and the Starliters' chasing me with his creepy enormous head. Anyone care to interpret that? lol.

  18. I don't often remember my dreams, but one from my childhood still pops up in my head from time to time. I was with my brother and my nan in Toys R Us, she was buying him a toy and paying in pennies, counting them out one by one. Oh yeah, and the cashier was dressed as a fighter pilot. I went to look in the computer section and there was a black hole there.

  19. Most of my dreams are odd... So I couldn't really pick the oddest one I've ever had. Though last night I dreamt I got shot in the chest twice, whilst in the middle of school by a new substitute teacher...

  20. hmm i have crazy dream almost every night so it's kinda hard to pick the weirdest of'em all,

  21. I dreamt i was stalking my butchers the other night, would have topped it off if i had awoken to the smell of bacon but i didnt! i dream a lot, most nights and not always as good as the butcher one, usually they can be pretty scary and weird, check some of them out if you want to be entertained on my blog! x

  22. theintentionalsage

    Dreams can be very useful in helping us understand some of the 'issues' that we face in our daily lives. I highly recommend taking a Gestalt-approach to dreams in that every facet of the dream is a representation of a different part of you...


    For those that may find this a little unnerving, then MOST DEFINITELY look into the work of Jeremy Taylor. He has done some BRILLIANT work:

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  23. I don't think I could choose the freakiest dream I've ever had, but I do remember one from last night.

    For some reason I was alone in a meadow. Birds were everywhere, and they kept coming closer, as if to take pieces of my flesh.

    I'm scared. Please help.

  24. hollythestrange

    I can't remember my freakiest dream, but i can remeber my wierdest!

  25. I just love weird dreams! I try to memorize these that I dreamt but I usually forget them as soon as I try to write them down. You can check out my dream blog with those I managed to catch at :)

  26. i had the scariest dream that i was being chased by this wierd bloke and all of a sudden i couldnt move in my dream or in real life. I had temporary sleep paralysis, scariest moment of my life..

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