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YAY!!! Finished My First Sandbox Theme

  1. I call this one, "Tough" because this was hard to do, though fun (a little) it was a long task. But it did give me an excuse to put off doing my homework for Genetics so it was good in that aspect. Though, Im still on my quest to creating a getting a great magazine theme without having to buy a self hosted blog, I figured this was the closet thing I could get for someone with little expertise with CSS.
    But you know I just wanted to thank all the lovely people on the forum who answered my calls for help. If there's something wrong with the theme, then let me know and if anyone can recommend a good color scheme, then that would also be helpful, when there was so many color to choose from that it took forever to settle on these colors that I am now questioning. OK so now Im just rambling when I should get back to doing homework that I hate to do. Heres my blog

  2. pornstarbabylon

    I like it and it's easy on the eyes. Well done. make sure to check how it looks on other browsers. Mostly IE. There was a tool mentioned on the forum a while back of showing screenshots of what your blog looks like in every browser they have. maybe someone can remember what it is and help you out.


    Browsershots is the site you're probably thinking of.

  4. Looks good! Now, one thing I would do is center the blog on the page. (And I am SO stealing the CSS design on this!)

  5. Yes, maybe you need to center it, in IE6 it's clipped.

  6. how the hell do you get the css sheet.

  7. Thanks. I tried to fix the center issue as well as 2 other issues I found, I don't know if it worked, but on my internet browser, Fire Fox, it looks good. I couldn't figure out how to just "center" the page so I used just changed the "margin". And, I have stopped trying to design for IE6 or 5...I get frustrated easily. I did see that it does cut off on IE6. At school I checked how it looked on IE7 and it looked acceptable expected I had a header issue, but I think I fixed it.

    Thanks for thinking the design is nice enough to use. And to get the CSS sheet you have to have the web developer tool on Fire Fox, at least that's the only way I know of how to get the CSS sheets.

  8. It's not centering for me. And I can't get Firebug to work. Take a look at this page and see if it has anything on it that helps.

  9. I think the problem was that I didn't have margin:0px auto; in the container class. Hopefully that helps to center it, I going to download FireBug seems like it would be a useful tool.

  10. It's still not centered for me (FF3). But that's an impressive bit of CSS coding. I wouldn't know where to start. The overall look is a bit cluttered for my liking but that's just a matter of taste.

  11. Kind of funny you say that, because when I first came up with the idea to redesign my blog, I was thinking simple. At first I was think white background, pink links on the sidebars...but then I came up with this idea. In the future I plan on doing small things to make it look less cluttered. But the only real effective way to make it less cluttered would be to take out the right sidebar, but I have a weird thing about at least having one sidebar on the side of the screen.

    I'll keep working on the centering things, maybe its because I using FF3 with a different resolution on my computer and thats why it looks centered to me.

  12. On my blog, I put that in div#wrapper. But when I tried using Firebug on your blog and put that in, nothing happened. Perhaps one of the real CSS gurus will pop in and help with that because it's still not centering for me in FF3.

    One other thing: how come the first 4 posts have a different color background than the others?

  13. I think it could look less cluttered if you spaced some things out a little more and maybe had a simpler colour scheme without the patterned backgrounds and so on. It's not necessarily about having less stuff, it's about having cleaner lines and the illusion of space.

  14. So for instance, it's just a little thing, but there's no space after the separator between the page titles. It makes it look as though there isn't room for everything and you've had to squash them in. Those are the kind of details I'd be playing with. Though you can end up playing forever...

  15. the different color backgrounds on the 1st 4 posts are because I use sticky notes. I was so thinking about removing the patterned backgrounds...I was tryin' to be fancy is all but I change my mind on the patterns, though Im keeping the background on the bottom sidebar, for some reason I like it.
    I still cant decide on a new color scheme, there are so many beautiful color schemes, its just hard to choose.

  16. I figured they must be stickies (didn't look at the code).

    Have to agree on the page titles. And I'd make the hover code for the post titles more of a contrast.

  17. I see what you were talking about with the page titles. I also changed the backgrounds, plus they were kind of slowing up my computer. I also want to make the tags on the front page in the meta section to not display, so if anyone knows how to do that, then that would be great.

  18. Backgrounds always slow things down.

    To hide the tags:

    .tag-links {

    Also - your links are, um, interesting ;)

    What happened to the hover code on the post titles?

  19. pornstarbabylon

    Thanks for the link katm! That's the one.

  20. And I changed the hover code. What else is wrong with the links? Do you now like the brown, cause I was thinking about doing a whole new color scheme.
    That is soo weird, cause I tried that a while ago and it didn't work, but now it works.

  21. Much better on the hover code.

    The links are unusual, that's all. (Line above and to the right and slightly different background color?) They just don't look like links.

    Color is OK.

  22. I agree with Vivian about the links. They look more like editable text than links.

    If you're thinking about a colour scheme, here's my suggestion, for what it's worth. Choose a total of no more than five colours and stick to those for everything: background, text, links, borders, everything. (I counted 8 on your page at the moment, not including the header image). Use one main colour for text, with no more than two accent colours for e.g. headings or links. Use the same colours on the sidebar as on the main page and the menu bar. In fact, what I'd do for your page is to take the colours you've used in your header image and stick with those throughout the page.

    Once you've got it as clean and simple as you can manage, then decide if you want to add any extra highlights. You can't highlight everything - that's what makes it look cluttered. Work out where you really want to draw people's attention and use something different there.

    Just my suggestion.

  23. Also, I wonder if you'd be willing to share your CSS code in the forum? It would be great to add a link to this thread. I'm sure lots of people would love to use what you've done as a basis for their own coding.

  24. masterclasslady

    Rosclarke - here here! I would love to see the CSS code. This is a phenomenal design.

  25. rosclarke - that thread is closed. But somewhere around here there is another. I just can't find it.

  26. YAY!!! Finished My First Sandbox Theme - I DON'T THINK SO!!!

    There are so many design and content related issues.

    Also it is not validate web standards.

    Take too much time to load.

    ...and many more.

  27. Why do staff close all the good threads?

    There used to be a 'Show off your CSS' thread but they closed that one too.

  28. Interesting that you have criticisms yet haven't provided a link in your user name to your blog.

  29. masterclasslady

    @talk2kapil - Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  30. Just registered domain, currently in under-cunstruction.

    Provide the url shortly.

    My reply not for criticise you, but looking for more improvement. For example:

    1. If you display posts in two coulmns content / exerpt for post will be approx. same lenght. If it is not possible the don't put complete box, just add speaprator.
    2. Use small or fix lenght excerpt on home page.
    3. Font size is too big.
    4. Using iFrames, not recomended.
    5. So much time on load, which lose visitors.
    6. Make is more colourfull.

    ...and never say Finished...but...UPDATED

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