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YAY!!! Finished My First Sandbox Theme

  1. There is no way he is using iFrames since they aren't allowed here. Funny - you've been registered for less than an hour and already are passing out bad information throughout the forums.

  2. Can't spell, either.

  3. Thanks for the styling tip Rosclarke, for a new color Im thinking, pink, black, grey, white, and light pink.
    talk2kapil...I have no words right now for you. But, I don't understand the loading time, it loads fasts for me since I have removed some of the background patterns. And I haven't had any shortage of visitors.

  4. It loads fast for me too. Just ignore him.

    I love the sound of the black/white/pink combo. That could look really slick and stylish. Let us know when it's done.

  5. masterclasslady

    Oooooo - black, white and pink sounds very artsy and stylish. Good call

  6. Well, I think I can say that Im very happy with the new color scheme

  7. Your skin is looking good aw1923. Just a recommendation, don't use pixel units for font sizes; use "%" or "em" instead.

  8. Also, I just saw your blog in IE6 and it doesn't look good... you might want to check it out.

  9. I agree, that new colour scheme is terrific and the whole thing looks much cleaner. Great job.

  10. @ devblog Thanks on the recommendation about % or em. And, I gave up on trying to make the blog look better in IE6, I just got the navigation bar to look decent in IE7. I put a FireFox button on my blog, to kind of recommend people get firefox, but based on my stats only around 7% of my visitors use IE6 but as long as they can see the content then Im ok for now.

    @rosclarke Thanks, if it wasn't for your tips, the blog would look horrible!! And when I was redoing the color scheme, I thought of putting a big giant purple RSS feed button and search form in the header, but I remembered what you said about basically not overdoing it.

  11. Sure thing.

    I hear you. IMO, IE6 sucks. I'm about to finish a 3 columns fixed width Sandbox skin, and it looked good in all the browsers I use to test my layouts BUT IE6... Anyway, good thing is that those IE6 layout issues have been fixed.

  12. Looks nice, that skin would have definitely been useful to me when I first dived into the world of CSS design, I got so frustrated trying to create a 3 column with nice backgrounds and borders everywhere with sandbox I just gave up and modified the Andreas09 theme
    I kind of wish there was some type of new sandbox competition. Im curious if I could at least get and honorable mention or a free book :)

  13. a free book?

    Do you read eBooks?

  14. Every once in a while I find a ebook, but its usually through my schools database. Do you know of a place with free ebooks?

  15. well, not really but I asked because I have a CSS eBook that you might be interested in. It's really good.

    If you want it, let me know and I'll contact you through your blog.

  16. Of course I want a CSS eBook. Not only do I like free stuff, but I also want to improve my CSS skills.

  17. Okay, I posted a comment in the "Murkowski" post with a link to the file. Please delete the comment as soon as you can.

    Also, would you please let me know when you've downloaded the file? I will delete it from the server as soon as you do.


  18. Thanks, your the best. I downloaded it and its like 414 pages of brilliance. thanks :-)

  19. masterclasslady

    Devblog - could I have access to your book as well? Much appreciated. MCL

  20. aw1923,

    Cool. I hope you learn a lot from it.


    I'm sorry, but I've deleted the file already.

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