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    Where can I find a copy of the end of the year report I get from WP that shows me how many hits, comments, most popular post, etc.? I remember seeing it and I believe it had a weblink as well but I can’t find it.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you can’t find the e-mail that was sent, the following should help.

    Visit and select the blog on the right drop-down menu you’d like. If you want stats on the blog already selected, select another and then go back to it.

    Notice the address of that page, something like!/my-stats/?unit=1&blog=14358310

    Take that blog= number (14358310 in this case) and replace the XXXXX in the URL below:

    This works when you have multiple blogs under your account. If not, it’s kinda screwy, but you can find it out by going to: and click on one of the small “Summaries” links above right of the bar chart. The blog ID will be in that page’s URL.

    There may be a super easy way to find this that I don’t know about.

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