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Years Ago Widget

  1. I would really appreciate it is we could get a widget like the "Years Ago" plugin that is available for installations. What this plugin really does do, is bring up a list of posts links that were published 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, ect ago. Simple thing really, but brings up an easy list of posts that happened on that day in history. I know isn't really that old, but there are several of us that have brought over blogs that go back as far as early 2001.

    This would be a great addition in my opinion. Thanks for listening.


  2. Just for reference, we usually suggest a link to the requested plugin. :)

    Aren't you suppose to be working on bbpress or something?

  3. 2001?


    Grampa, what was the Internet like back then?

  4. Al Gore was still inventing it.

    Gotta admit though that I like the idea. I have stuff back to 2000 on my blog.

  5. Ha ha ha! You know why they don't send Donkey's to school don't you??? ! Ironically, I am 30 years old today and that is like being a Grandpa in the internet.....

    Today Ago Plugin Link


  6. i do this, except that i put in the link for every post i publish. it can be a hassle especially when you're on dialup like me. i would love having such a widget, but for now i'm alright with putting in links manually.

  7. this sounds like a good thing. one of my blogs has entries back long enough (although not as long as drmike).

    i'd also love to see a related posts widget. related by tags, or by search terms, either or.

  8. I'm on board for this "year ago" widget.

    But I'd love a related posts widget - bigtime .

  9. again, i do this related post bit by putting in links manually. i'm not sure how would it function if such a widget is created; if it is related by tags, the reader can easily click on the categories in the sidebar. what is the basis of the related post widget?

  10. i can't post my tags in the sidebar (i have 100-ish). i hate the thought of doing it by hand, because then i'm shoving my links in the face of everyone reading through livejournal, the friend surfer, or a feed reader. a related posts widget would be gentler, only showing the list to people already on my blog.

  11. ah, that makes more sense and practicality. i have no problems shoving links because i only have one or two usually. =P

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