Yellow Pages Type Directory & Contact Address Book in .com

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    I’m looking to add a “contact address book” and a “yellow pages type directory” in I understand from reading here that plugins like SquareCompass which do this are not available in .com due to security concerns.

    (Q1) Is there native functionality available in .com that solves this need without plugins, and if so, is it tied to a specific Theme?

    I’m sort of expecting a negative response on the above items, as well as, a recommendation to move to to get this functionality.

    (Q2) This means stepping up to managing my own web server or paying for web hosting services. Am I correct?

    (Q3) Are there specific features in .com that don’t migrate to .org if this is the final direction I’m compelled to take?

    The blog I need help with is



    1) no
    2) yes
    3) yes, many. Which are important to you? Then we can tell you if they do or don’t.


    @raincoaster – I’m so new at this I’m not certain I could give you a list. This product is so easy to use I just jumped in and developed my site (blog) on the fly. I should have posted I’m (email redacted). There may be tons of additional features I’m not using in the Theme I picked. I’m not certain where to go from here. More reading I guess.

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