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Yelp-type widget

  1. I'm looking for a widget(s) that will let my friends and family "rate" restaurants, bars, etc like Yelp. It does not have to look exactly like Yelp, but a rating and comment section is important. Also, I would like to personalize it.

    I've spent hours looking for something like this, but putting in "rating" or "review" brings up a ton of support information.

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I suggest that you use the ratings feature provided by on your blog. PollDaddy Ratings are available on This enables you to place ratings on your blog posts, pages, and comments.

    When it comes to third party widgets do be aware there are some that we cannot use.

  3. As you are new to I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series: This is the link to all support documentation There you will find a searchbox that provides results form the documentation and from forum threads. if you cannot locate answers to your questions by searching then you can post to this support forum for help.
    Best wishes with your blog. :)

  4. Thanks Timethief - I'll see if this works for my needs.

  5. You're welcome and best wishes. :)

  6. It honestly sounds to me like what you want is probably out there, developed at great cost by some existing Yelp-style company. Look around the development forums. I know if I were a developer and made something like this, I wouldn't do it for free. At the very least when I released the code I'd embed a link to my own development site.

    You could always use Urban Spoon or one of the Yelp competitors. Some of them have HTML only widgets.

  7. Thanks Raincoaster. The goal here is to have this be independent from the rest of the Internet.

    I'm not giving up yet!

  8. Look in developer forums, or develop it yourself. It's the kind of thing people make a LOT of money to develop. I doubt you can get it for free.

  9. raincoaster - any suggestion as to which developer forum to visit?

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