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YES! They've changed it back - comment notifications!

  1. Look at the edit at the top of this post:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes! Thank you! That was so annoying.

  3. Wow they actually realised they made a mistake for once.

  4. @ardpete: And admitted it!

  5. Yes and I blogged it yesterday here > Notify Me Coment Box: Default Change RollBack

  6. @tt - I was unable to be online much yesterday as my internet connection kept cutting out. Sorry for not spotting your thread. I can't keep track of everything.

  7. I didn't post a thread. That's a link to a post in my blog and it's open for comments. :)

  8. Oh this is ridiculous. So now my choice is to leave a comment and get 71 email notifications or none? What was wrong with only getting notifications the way it /first/ happened - i.e. if someone comments on /my/ comment I hear about it?

  9. Best thing they have done lately!

  10. @timethief - sorry - tiredness made me read your previous comment wrong! :)

    @nikkojii - a much, much better way of doing things is to turn off comment notifications completely and either subscribe to an RSS comment feed or put a folder on your desktop and drag into it the URLs of blogs you comment in and just revisit them from time to time.

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