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    I do have other blogs that I also would like the 1356 changed to just links.
    Do I need to give each blogs address to do that ?

    The blog I need help with is


    When a numbered title/category shows up in links, that means the default (blogroll) category has been deleted but a new default category has not been set. Go to links > link categories and create a replacement category for the 1356 category.

    Next go to settings > writing and set one of the categories that you have created as the default links category. Then go to links > edit and select all the links with the 1356 category assigned to them (click the checkbox to the left of the link) and then go to bulk actions and select “edit” then click the “apply” button and set the category for those links to the new one that you created. Now go back to links > link categories and delete the 1356 link category.


    I cannot read your directions right. I have been trying to change the 1356 to Favorite Links
    I deleted the links before changing the 1356 to favorite links. Too early I think.
    Since I am unable to understand your instructions correctly can you go in and do this for me?
    All of the links are still listed but with no catergory name.
    Thanks for your help If you can.
    Ohter wise I will have to take the time out tomorrow and re enter each one one at a time.
    That will almost take too much time for me.


    Since I’m just a volunteer here in the forums I don’t have access to your blog, but let me try to simplify the explanation step by step.

    1. In your dashboard go to links “add new” and create the “Favorite Links” category (if you have not already).

    2. Go to settings > writing and where it says, “Default Link Category” select “Favorite Links” from the pulldown and then click “save changes.”

    3. Go to links > Link categories and delete the “1356” category.

    Now go and view your blog and the links that were assigned to 1356 category should have reverted to the new default “Favorite Links” category. If those links disappear from the links widget, let me know and we will take the next step.


    No that did not work either.
    The whole widget disappeared.
    I guess I am going to have to re enter each link one at at time.
    copy and pasteing the web address one link at at time.
    I have so many it will take time.
    Courious : What was your next steps ?
    I will not worry about having the name 1356 over links again since It seems to be too much trouble to change it.
    I had rather have 1356 links showing than no links showing at all.


    This is only on my blog.


    I had it right under my Profile Widget
    Now only the other links widget showes.


    I had hoped that they would have automatically switched over to the default category but apparently they did not. You don’t need to reenter the links, they are still there, it is just that #3 above didn’t reassign the links to the new default category so they are simply not showing up at the moment. Go to Links > edit and look. Your links should still be there.

    1. At links > edit, edit each of those links that were in 1356 and set them to “Favorite Links” and then click “update link.”

    2. Do #1 with all the links you want in your “favorite links” category.

    When you go to your blog, the “favorite links” should show up in the links category that is in your blog right now. The links category (unless you specifically set it otherwise) will show all your links listed under each link category alphabetical. In other works you will see this

    Favorite links
    link 1
    link 2
    link 3

    link 1
    link 2
    link 3


    I think what I have done wrong is – I noticed that you mentioned in your first comment to delete 1356 after I had already changed everything from 1356 to Links.
    However I errored I think by deleteing the widget 1356 before I tried to move anything.
    So I think I was trying to move something that was not there anymore.
    What a mistake that was.
    I have already started re entering each link into the already existing Links gadget.
    I may end up having to sets of links in the area you are talking about
    I may have to delete those after I have finished re doing them. I think.
    I did have some other blogs that I was going to try to change but since I do not fully know what I am doing wrong I am going to let 1356 remain the title for my second set of links.
    Thanks for your help however.


    You’re welcome and sorry for all the additional work.


    That is OK.
    That is what I get for doing something that I was not for sure about.
    I think your suggestions may actually work with my other blogs now that I now not to delete the widget until after I change its name.
    Thanks again and sorry for so many replys.
    I have real happy with WordPress over all.


    Moderator Emeritus

    I totally agree with you. Thank you to all of WordPress`s Volunteers.

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