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Yesterday's stats gone/transposed

  1. My stats for yesterday are gone, poof, nothing there. Either that or they've been swapped for today's. The graph is just as it should be, showing the total for yesterday, but the Referrers, Search Engine Terms, and Clickthroughs are gone; the only thing remaining is the Top Post information, which is all there.

    But the stats specifics listed for TODAY look like yesterdays; for instance, my top referrer is good for 47 hits, yet I've only had 41 hits on the blog.

    Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?

  2. You're right, I'm facing the same issue. Hopefully it'll be resolved at some point.

  3. Same here.

  4. Ditto. Also no referrers and no search engine terms enteries. I guess something is "broken" but we'll have to wait until Monday to send in feedbacks.

  5. I saw that too, and on the day that I posted the single most important blog post, that I have ever posted. I cannot tell if anyone even saw it or not.


  6. yes..Its happening ..I came to the forums to check if there were others, besides me.Now that there quite a few of us I guess it will be rectified by Monday.

  7. It's strange because when you see the Referred o Search Terms page, only the yesterday stats are missing.

  8. Sorry about that, folks. Due to an error caused by me, the international date line was shifted by about eight hours. That makes yesterday a 32-hour day and today a 16-hour day. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. Andy! You are forgiven --this time!

    Just kidding. We all goof up sometimes and make mistakes. That makes us human.

    Will we know our stats eventually?

    Like I mentioned in my previous comment, I posted some video that is so important for everyone to see. I just want to know how many people will actually view this.

    Thanks Andy.

  10. Brent,

    All the stats are there, they are just not split correctly. As Andy said, there are about 32 hours of stats in yesterday's total, and there will be about 16 hours in today's. There was no data lost and overall totals are not affected.

  11. I got it.

    Thanks Barry.

  12. So, is there any relationship between the error and the fact that I have zero click-outs listed today under "Clicks" whereas I usually have quite a lot by now?

  13. Uh, also my Feed stats seem to have tripled overnight. Is this the same error?

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