Yesterdays Stats Problem

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    Firstly thank you to all those who commented on the problem or worked on it.

    My new question is as follows, whilst there was some catch -up in numbers was everything collected as I had a worse day than normal in terms of hits? Was anybody else in the same position?

    I know some people have other meters on their pages did they align in the emd?


    The blog I need help with is



    I have statcounter and sitemeter and both were the same as my eventual hits here on WordPress. But i don’t actually care about hit numbers i just like to know where my readers are from. Perhaps you just had a slow day, not every day is the same.


    An official yellow message from staff appeared here in the Forums yesterday and it said that nothing was lost.



    The point that’s being missed here is that no data was lost and not visitors were prevented from visiting our sites.

    We do not blog for money and we do not have pay per click on our blogs. Why this concern over what amounts to a bump in bragging rights? I don’t feel concerned at all.

    I run several metrics programs on my blog and they are never in synch because they do not measure the same factors.

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