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Yet another Blogger import

  1. I created a test blog here at WP and the import from my Blogger blog seemed to go well, but when I checked, it only imported the first month's postings (June '06) and ignored everything since then! How do I get the rest of them imported, or is there a setting or something I missed?

  2. There have been many threads on the wordpress support forum about importing problmes from Blogger, maybe using the forum search box will result in finding a solution to your problem.

  3. Count to 10. Deep breath. Breathe. Breathe.

    Timethief, I... appreciate the input. I checked and didn't see any similar issue brought up. That's why I asked.

  4. I'm sorry I can't help you on this. The truth is that when I did my import from Blogger I ended up copying and pasting each and every one of my posts. Thank goodness there were only 4 dozen of them. IMO there probably isn't any volunteer on the forum who can help you with this. And as the many threads in the forum search box on the same topic didn't turn up what you needed, then it seems your only recourse is to send in a feedback (the button is on top right hand side of any of your pages). Best wishes for a happy ending.

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