Yet another category related quesiton (sorry!)

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    Like so many other people on this forum, I’m having category problems! I have a cutline theme site..( Not much to see on there yet as I’m still sorting it out! The wordpress tutorial articles suggest that sub-categories should automatically list themselves under the parent category, but this is not the case for my site. In fact they don’t even appear in alphabetical order. Is this a cutline problem? I did try a few other themes but with no difference.
    And I am right in thinking that there is no possible way of making changes without purchasing the CSS upgrade?



    Hi Stub.
    I see your categories in alphabetical order in the Categories widget in your sidebar. In order to list child categories under their parent, you’ll have to change that setting for the widget. Go to Dashboard → Presentation → Widgets, then click the little box at the right end of the Categories widget. There’s an option there to display them hierarchically. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ when you’re done.

    What kind of changes do you want/need to make? If you want to change the style of just one HTML tag, you can do that by using the style=”” attribute. If you want to change the look of things outside your posts and pages, you’ll have to get the CSS upgrade though.

    Btw, if you ask for help on the forums, it’s convenient if you link your username to your blog directly. You can do that by editing your profile here (link at the top of the page). And you can omit the ‘www.’ part of your blog’s URL. strips that out anyway.


    Hi kimikO,
    Thank you for your speedy reply! That’s solved one major problem for me anyway. I think I must be getting sleepy..I didn’t even notice that the categories actually were in alphabetical order already! They’re in hierarchy order now anyway.
    I changed my username to a direct link..thanks for the tip.
    As for changes, I started out with great ideas..imagining I would change the background colours and everything. I realise now that you would prob need the CSS upgrade for that so I’ll stick to more basic changes for now. At the risk of sounding a bit clueless, are the style attributes something that you apply within the post itself? I noticed that there is a ‘code’ option when writing posts but I didn’t experiment there yet.
    Thanks again,
    Gemma (the stub) :)



    No, it doesn’t work that way. You can change teh font and colour of the font by line coding or using the advanced toolbar in the Visual editor, but if you want to change the look of your blog in any substantial way you’ll need to learn CSS and once you’ve learned it you’ll need to buy the upgrade. Do NOT buy the upgrade if you don’t know CSS.

    If you choose Garland as a template you can play with the colours without getting the CSS upgrade, though.


    Thanks for that! I decided to go with Garland in the end. That will do me for a while anyway.

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