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Yet another Font Problem :(

  1. I always use to write my stuff in a MS word page and copy them entirely to my post/page. I used “Comic Sans MS” font in my MS Word and after all the typing stuffs I pasted them onto my post and when for a preview. Sadly in has only used “Times New Roman” font in the Preview.

    I tried to save it and then open it. No change.

    Guys I have tried all the searching in the forum for this topic for the past two days and I’m still unable to solve my problem. That’s why I posted. In fact, posting here was/is my last option.


  2. You can use this code in the html editor:
    <span style="font-family:'comic sans ms';">YOUR_TEXT_HERE</span>

  3. oops, didn't see wpvstp had already posted the second one. The first shows what happens when you do it the wrong way.

  4. Thanks guys. I got my problem solved.


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