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    Hi–I know that currently WordPress does not allow embedding of Godtube videos. Is this a possibility in the future? I have tried other video hosting sites and just do not like the linked videos that appear at the end of my embedded videos–most of the time they are not appropriate for my blog or anything I approve of. I really prefer Godtube because I trust the content that is there. I would really enjoy being able to embed Godtube videos in the future. Thanks for your consideration.

    Lois O’Brien



    You may wait until support hours open tomorrow and then make your case to staff as many have done in the past

    In the meanwhile are you aware of the work around?



    It will need to be the workround.

    Apart from getting many requests for the ever increasing number if video sites, this particular request throws it’s own issue in.
    We could not introduce RepublicanTube from the US and ConservativeTube from the UK without people in both countries asking / demanding that their political views be allowed with DemocratTube, ObamaTube, GordonBrownTube etc. So having a GodTube will apply to those that like that site but not others – who will want theirs.
    Harmony would be difficult.

    So the workround is indeed the best.



    The vodpod Firefox extension works with GodTube. (Not sure about GordonBrownTube, though)

    Find it here:

    The instructions are pretty straightforward, and you don’t need to register a vodpod account.



    Thank you pipsqueak4! The vodpod extension is great! Thanks for your help!




    YAY! a happy ending. :)

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