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    I’ve spent some time looking through old posts here but I can’t find any code to work with. Can someone help me out with code to change/override the header in Andreas09 (or whatever it’s called, I forget… my blog is

    I know basic CSS but I have no clue how to do this.

    I’ve gathered that the image has to be EXACTLY the correct size (how do I know what that size is? I read there’s an FAQ or something but I haven’t seen it), and it has to be a .gif or .jpg, but nothing else.

    The one piece of code I saw didn’t work and I couldn’t figure out where the header image would fit in on the default style sheet you get off the custom CSS page.

    And just to clarify, do I just put this one piece of code up and that’s it? I don’t have to put all of the rest of it up too?



    Just so you know, at this point this theme is not one that has customizable image header.
    Now I shall leave it to a css expert to give you a hand.



    If you read through the code you can find the URL of the existing header, and you can download that and find the correct size. Then you’ll already know where in the code to put your new header image URL.



    That’s just the thing… I can’t FIND the url of the existing header or where it goes. I’ve looked at the html source.

    I’ve tried getting the file name by saving the BG but that came out as a strange tiled background and not a header. I’m gathering there ISN’T one then unless I’ve just missed it. So how do I add a header on top of that?



    As afar as I can see there isnt one. It would require quite a lot of rework to do what you want. Not to mention image slicing and CSS hackery. :(



    That’s what I thought. :(

    If having a customizable image header is important to you then you might consider changing themes. (See the link above for theme selection.)



    I was able to do this quite easily by putting an image into the section affecting the text style of the page title, and it didn’t matter what size it was either.

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