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    I’m having problems with my sidebar moving to the bottom of the page. I have read the FAQ on the matter as well as all of the other forum topics about people with similar problems. Despite trying several things suggested in those threads (to the best of my ability anyhow), I have not been able to solve the problem.

    I followed the suggestion of limiting the reading capability to one post per page–from this, I can see that the problem is our most recent post, “CLCM Monthly Reader January”

    The problem is not with images being too large. I checked to see that the “more” tag wasn’t tucked inside other HTML.

    What puzzles me is that when I click “preview” before I save my changes, my sidebar appears in the right place. Similarly, when you navigate to the specific post url ( http://cltlblog.wordpress.com/2009/01/31/clcm-monthly-reader-january/ ) the sidebar is also fine.

    I am not 100% proficient in HTML code–is it possible that the trouble is tucked somewhere in there?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    The blog I need help with is cltlblog.wordpress.com.



    Any chance you are copying and pasting from MSWord?


    cltlblog, the problem was caused by the more tag which was placed inside other html. To fix it, I removed the extra html surrounding the more tag and I stopped and restarted a div that a large chunk of text was wrapped in. Here is the revision that fixed it:

    To try to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future, you can add the more tag as the very last step. If you make subsequent changes to the post in the future. Delete the more tag, put the cursor on a separate line, and re-add the more tag. If the html doesn’t cooperate, you may have to check the html code itself to fix the problem.


    BTW, I like what you’ve done with the Custom CSS. It’s cool to see what people can do with it to make their blogs look really unique. :)



    Darn, I’d checked that “more” tag at one point–but think I did some tinkering around afterwards and probably messed it up again!

    In any case, thanks for your quick help and the compliment too!


    I just had the problem of the sidebar popping below the content on the “single” posts only. I am using a template I downloaded from Word Press.

    The solution I came up with is to go into the comment.php file and delete the extra </div> code at the end of the page PLUS made sure the COMMENT box was a size that fit into the content area. This works for me in both IE and Firefox. Still have problems with it? Then look at the image size in the sidebar and the css width for the sidebar and container areas. Hope this helps.

    Take care,
    ~Wendy Shepherd


    I meant to say the comments.php page with the “s”. :) ~Wendy



    Wendy, thanks, but that doesn’t help at all here at wordpress.com where we don’t have access to php files at all.


    rosclarke is right, if you have an issue with the sidebar popping below the content on “single” posts only on a wordpress.com, definitely let us know in support.


    And a note re a remark of the OP:

    What puzzles me is that when I click “preview” before I save my changes, my sidebar appears in the right place. Similarly, when you navigate to the specific post url the sidebar is also fine.

    That’s because in both cases you’re viewing one single complete post. When the sidebar problem is a “More” placed between a pair of opening and closing html tags, it will only affect things in the main blog page, because it is only then that it actually makes the closing tag disappear from the page.



    Good to know! Thanks for the useful info.



    yet another sidebar issue :)

    I have looked at the FAQ and read many many forum threads on this issue but haven’t found the fix for my problem. In my blog, the sidebar only drops to the bottom on the “About Me” page and on the single post. I do not have any pictures, did not paste from Word, and I’ve checked all the codes and the problem only exists on another page and single post, not the main blog page.

    Any help would be appreciated!



    Your sidebar is in place in all pages. Try clearing your browser’s cache.



    That is what WordPress support staff told me when I emailed them. But I used three different computers, one with internet explorer and two firefox to view and the sidebar is on the bottom on all the pages except for the main page (I went directly to the blog without logging in first). It would be strange if I’m the only one who sees the sidebar on the bottom!?!



    It’s an IE problem. I was able to reproduce it. Contact support again.




    Is this fixed now?



    No, it’s not fixed.



    Same problem…



    Can you post a link to a page demonstrating the problem please?



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