Yikes! New email address; can't reset password

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    When I signed up for my original blog kateinthemiddle.wordpress.com I had a comcast email address. I have since changed to verizon. Problem: I CANNOT remember my password and can’t reset it b/c wordpress only recognizes my old email – which of course, I can no longer access. I found the following suggestion below from a post given to someone with a similar situation but can’t do any of them, including the API key (which I no longer have.) All I have is an old email saved with my old comcast address
    I’m hoping there’s someone out there who can provide assistance! Thank you!!!

    “In order to restore access to the account, I’ll need to either see a reply here from the account itself (unlikely since you of course cannot access it), receive an email from the email address on the account (unlikely since you no longer have access to that), or the last thing would be to receive the account’s API key.”

    The blog I need help with is kateinthemiddledotcom.wordpress.com.


    If your situation is the same as the other comment then you probably have your answer, but I’ll mark this for staff to look at anyway, just in case they can think of something (like most people who help on the forums, I’m just a volunteer).



    As mentioned, I’ll need to actually receive an email sent to me from the email address (not a copy of an old email) or receive the account’s API key to grant access.

    At this point, I recommend that you keep trying passwords. You might eventually remember.

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