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Yikes! Why so slow?

  1. Word Press has aways been slow for me, on every computer I use it on. Not viewing the blog, but posting and managing. If it werent such a good, well organized program I would have left the first couple of days.

  2. hmmm ... that's fascinating. I live on the Canadian west coast and I have a high speed connection. WordPress has always been quick for me, almost instantaneous in fact. Blogger was so slow I almost tore my hair out waiting, waiting and waiting ...

  3. Its been reversed for me, blogger is fast and wordpress is slow.

    What I like about wordpress is the organization and search ability of the tags and categories.

    Blogger gave more by way of appearnce and tweekabilty of the blog, but function before fashion I always say.

  4. Security too. :)

    Might help us help you if you told us more about your setup else all we can do is guess. Backend timeout issues are usually becuase of security settings with one's browser since it's a secure connection.

    A quick tracert to your IP address shows a rather long repsonse time for the router right above the box you dial into to but I don't think that would be an issue here since yo umention that you don't have timeout issues elsewhere.

  5. WordPress seems exceptionally slow at all operations today. Running Win XP with Firefox 2.0 on DSL, and everything I do is taking a long time: searching for a post, updating, entering, even waiting for the search here in the forums. Really, really slow. Perhaps as the day warms up, it will go faster. Hope so.

  6. Just poking my nose in... things have been slow for me as well throughout the morning. Perhaps there's some maintenance going on we don't know about? :)

    Have things picked up for anyone else, or are you all still experiencing slow load times and missing images/avatars?

  7. Slow...v e r y s l o w. . .

  8. S-L-O-W, plus every 2 mins I get the 'Server Maintenance' page and none of my commands to delete posts work. They come back from the dead!

  9. Server Maintenance

    Your server is going through a few minutes of routine maintenance. Please don't touch your browser for a few minutes.

    What do I do?

    * If you were posting a comment or making a post on your blog then do not press BACK on your browser. Wait 5 minutes and press the refresh icon on your browser. Your comment or post will be sent as normal.
    * If you are browsing a blog here just wait a few moments and hit refresh. The page you were expecting will appear.

    Please do not hit the BACK button on your browser!

    P>S> As you have observed deleting posts is not possible while this is going on.

  10. Don't we have enough threads covering this already?

  11. @drmike
    I believe this was the original thread but I could be wrong. It would be an understatement to say that today was "unusual". It was very weird.
    I have now deleted the multiple blog posts and seem to have regained some speed as well.

  12. So is there any news on why is so slow sporadically? It'll be working fine, and then just.. stop working completely. Not just my blog, but ALL of, including the forums. 10-15 minutes later all will be well again.

    And no, it's not my connection, nor is it my browser. :P

  13. I haven't experienced the forums being slow, but the rest of WordPress was killer slow last night. It must be said, though, that Blogger was down almost entirely; I wonder if there was some kind of strain on blogs in general? Like fast breaking news or some weird government "troll for terrorists" thing that would have interfered to that extent.

  14. The forums have alternated between normal speed and slow this morning.

  15. My admin section has been extremely slow all day. Less than half the speed it normally has.

  16. Seems back up to speed for me, and I'm running an antiquated Windows 98, IE 6 setup off vacuum tubes and a steam engine.

  17. raincoaster: Same here. Things seem to be zipping along now.

  18. YAY! We're at cruising speed again.

  19. I don't like to be the sad one. But not for me. My pages are not even loading!

  20. @mgastaldi - That sounds like a feedback issue to me.

  21. funny it only happens with wordpress

  22. But yet no one will give details like their browser, security settingts, etc. so there's little we or staff can help with.

  23. WordPress has been extremely slow since i signed up for it in April. It's crazy slow. All other pages I load, even Myspace, is faster. And myspace has alot of ads and pictures and even video on it. I have no problem pulling it up. But when I pull up wordpress, the page takes FOREVER to load. Sounds like an overall problem on here and one that hasn't been fixed either. I don't think it has anything to do with the browser or the security settings. When I try to log in, the page just sits there. So then I go back to the home page, and then once that loads (sometimes i have to reload it several times) then it shows I am logged in. I am seriously considering going back to blogger. I never had such problems there. The only reason I like wordpress is because of the community and searches found there...otherwise, it has been a lot of problems. I don't feel like wasting my precious time reloading pages over and over again just to get into my's ridiculous.

  24. Your blog loaded in under a second for me. Do note that that 'www' you have in your URL for your blog may be part of the issue as it is incorrect and may in fact be breaking something on your end. It does create a broken link for 30% of the net as well as most search engine spiders. The 'bloggerings' bit takes thte place of the 'www'. They can not coexist within the same URL

    Do note that this is your first post here in the forums. Without knowing more about your situation like what your running for a computer, OS, browser, security programs, etc you don't give us anything to do on. Being negative towards the folks here in the forums without first asking for assistance does nothing to help the situation that you;re having and just reflects poorly on you.

    If all you want to do is moan and complain, I strongly suggest going back over to blogger becasue you will quickly discover few if any of the volenteers here will offer their assistance to you. I know I won't. Answering questions and providing information gets a much better response around here.

    So how about giving us some details? I do note that I can see your IP address here and a traceroute to it doesn't show any issues. Also when was the last time you ran a virus and adware scan on your computer and how old are the sig files for those programs?

  25. I have never experienced the problem you are having and I have several blogs.
    OS- Windows XP (Media center edition)
    Browser - Firefox
    Security - Symantec Internet Security (updated daily)
    High speed service

    Although you may not think that this may not have anything to do with security programs, browser, OS or whether or not you are on dial-up service in other cases solutions have been found when this information was provided. Perhaps you could indulge us by providing some specific information.

    P.S. Your blog loaded instantly for me.

  26. Yes, if i click on my link--it loads fine with the www however, the admin part and coming on to the main page is very slow. And as far as running virus scans, my computer runs them frequently. I'm not coming on here to just complain, but thanks for assuming that. I guess we know what that makes you. And from these numerous complaints, I got the idea from this site that you just want to make excuses for the slowness. Typical. Thanks but I don't need a long list of excuses as to why it doesn't work when it is blatenly obvious that it is slow, not just for me but for lots of people.

  27. Yes, if i click on my link--it loads fine with the www however

    Does for you but not other folks nor does it work for most search engines spiders. That's the point I was trying to make. It's like introducing yourself to someone new by listing every school you went to as well as every kid you sat beside.

    And as far as running virus scans, my computer runs them frequently.

    OK, but you missed my question about the sig files. Some folks don't realize that you have to update both the sig files as well as the program and do it often to stay protected. Doesn't help to run the scan often when you're using outdated files. We've had folks here in the forums with 3 year old sig files in the past.

    I'm not coming on here to just complain

    You may want to check as that is what you did here as well as over at your blog. Do note that you also didn't really answer any question posed to you in our attempt to assist you. Please explain how you can obtain assistance when you prevent us from doing so?

    And I didn't assume because that's all you;ve done. if you really wanted assistance, you would have answered our questions in an attempt to get that assistance/

    I got the idea from this site that you just want to make excuses for the slowness

    Actually you may want to reread my post as I believe I was aksing you a numbe rof questions trying to find out more about your situation so that I could help you. I don't recall making any excuse in my post.

    long list of excuses

    Again, what list and what excuses?

    lots of people.

    900k poeple here have blogs and only a couple have this issue. We've tried to help but usually they come here, moan and then we never see them again. We try to help where we can. Doesn't help when they won't allow us to help them.

    Now, I ask again. Do you think that maybe you can take a breath and answer our questions? We would like to help but so far you've not provided us any answers to out questions. Maybe you would like to try to solve your problem instead of complaining. Might ne a good idea.

    If you would like some assistance, that's what we're here for. But we can't help you if you can't help us do so.

  28. TT, arguing with the poster isn't going to do any good. I've deleted your post.

    If mrbuck77 wants some assistance, all he needs to do is answer the questions posed to him. It's up to him. That way we can work on solving the problem. Until he does so, he just continues to have the problem.

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