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  1. It's the opposite version of the topic GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR here.

    I am happy today because I have accepted to a new post in my organisation that will widen my horizon in my work... From Philippines scope to East Asia scope. It is challenging, yet full of excitement and a prestige to have the post. I am so proud of myself that I treated myself with an iPod touch. My new task means more workloads, and could also mean that I can share more learnings through my personal blog. :-)

  2. Congratulations! It seems to be a good day for work-related things. Good, because I have to collect a cheque from a client that is overdue. Maybe I'll get lucky.

  3. Oh, I pray that you'll be lucky to collect that cheque! By the way, I just found out seconds ago that there's a wahoo thread here and youre the author. Do you think, that my thread here is a duplicate?

  4. You can never have too much celebration :)
    Well, online anyway.

    Offline, maybe:

  5. woahhh... im glad i didnt throw a party! lol

  6. and thanks for the info.. great one there.. Ohmigosh, i didnt thought its you! I used to seeing your old avatar... Now its new! But really nice! Photoshopped?

  7. It was a present! SkepticJill made each of us at Skepchick our own custom avatar.

    (another group of women blogging, BTW)

  8. wow, i have seen it! great! can i sign up there too?

  9. No worries. As Bug Girl said, you can never have too much celebration. Besides, with the search working the way it has, you'd never have found that thread anyway.

    I didn't get that cheque I was hoping for. But I did get a different, smaller one, and I got paid three days early, so that's good.

  10. Congrats raincoaster! Tomorrow gonna be bunch of delicious food. It's a farewell party for our manager who will be deployed to Cambodia. It's party time, and we are very glad to see him again tom after 6 months in Cambodia. :-) Night night people... ZZZZzzzzzzz...

  11. i am participating in the national art exhibition for the first time in my life.

  12. congrats! :D

  13. wow - congratulations!

  14. Congratulations. As I said on another thread, you work hard. That includes your art, and you've used to spread the word about your art. You should be very proud.

  15. sulz, kstafford, raincoaster,

    yes, i feel very content! i was rejected last year, but this year they selected two of my paintings when some veterans got only one selected.
    oh well, that's life! full of ups-and-downs! :D

  16. That is wonderful news. You left us for a while to spend more time on your art, and we missed you. It's nice to know all that work paid off!

  17. Hi guys! - I am back from a very busy week at work! NG- Congrats! That must have been a very privileged and prestigious event! Congrats congrats!

  18. A good reason for me to yippieh: My MacBook is back. And when I come back from vacation I'll start a new job at a day rate twice as high as now.

  19. @muse and wind,
    thanks! :D

    macbook? {drool}

  20. sanjidabd, you should have seen me drool when I tried the MacBookAir at the computer shop. That's a sweet piece of metal.

  21. Congratulations. Remind me to suck up to you more.

  22. Woooowwww... that Mac must have been awesome delta! {drool} and congrats for a greener pasture, too!

  23. @delta,
    i had a used mac, but a friend broke it! :(
    now i am minus a mac and minus the money to buy another one.

    but i am going to get a canon digital slr (400d) very soon. yippeeeeeeeeeee! :D
    "let there be light!"

  24. The 400D is a nice piece indeed. My blog's wallpaper is a 400D shot.

  25. thanx for the thumbs up for 400d! :D
    my pro photojournalist friend had been saying otherwise! you see, i did a graduation in photojournalism too, but i haven't entered the job market (cos i perfer to be an artist instead). as i have no photo job, there's no way i can afford something better than 400d at the moment (like, a 40d maybe).

    so here's another celebration for 400d .....yippeeeeee! :D

  26. Pros may find their pet peeves with the 400D.

    I see it like this: A a low-end SLR is good enough to make a difference but still affordable. And if you're good you can sell good pix and buy a hi-end cam.

  27. Wow sanji, thats so wonderful... I would say go for the 400D! Why not if you can afford it! I agree with delta. :-)

  28. @delta,
    ich schrieb einen komment in ihrem blog. vielleicht ist es in ihrem spam queue! :(
    ish habe diesen problem manchmal weil ich einmal mein eigenes komment als spam gemarktete.
    meine deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber ich mag die sprache und versuche besser zu lernen! =)

    only a few more days now! {dancing}

  29. The comment section in our dashboard has become more colorful with every comment now having a colorful avatar. So. . . .Yippeee!

  30. @sanji! wow, i almost can imagine you dancing with all your big smiles... Please tell us your first photoshoot using 40D.

    @nosysnoop - yeah your right... thanks a lot because the typical man's shadow is gone.. Don't you think wordpress were oriented with gender mainstreaming? :-)

    Yippeee to me because I have launched my first ever Photo blog... I love photography just like sanji... I hope you will visit there guys. :-)


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