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  1. Why are all you sexists assuming that shadow was a man? I mean, you couldn't see the crotch part.

  2. well, yeah... but to keep that notion vanished, its better to change it to a more neutral icon.. I think.

  3. I logged in early hoping that support would be open and IT IS and I quickly emailed them my question. So . . . . . . Yippee!

  4. wind,
    although i crave for it, i can't afford a 40d, it is almost double the price of 400d! :(

    i will be getting a 400d and be happy with it.

  5. I love this place! It's full of joy, happiness, cheerfulness, and yippees. So yippeeeeee!

  6. yeah, =D that was what i attracted to when i visit a blog here at WP. it has more of alive feeling and got me to create my oen blog. though it's still very new of course but hey, if you guys want to ecxhange links with me, i'd be more than happy to (^_^)

  7. I'll go visit you nora, right after I mess with the forum threads.

  8. jom22,
    hey2.. yeah.. thanks => owh btw, i'd always thought that javanese is well, javanese. only one race. thanks again on the fyi yah => owh, it'll be great if we can exchange links?

  9. Yeeeeeeeehaaaw!

    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    You can create your own free blog on
  10. Oh, man, I'm giddy! I want to make that into a screensaver, or print it out onto cross-stitch fabric and make a sampler to frame!

  11. yeppe-yey-yey! we could make a cross stich counterpane/towel pattern, sell it, and get rich!

  12. Well, here's what I just saw:

    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

    Brace yourselves.

  13. I'm not bracing for anything. I'm stocking up on tanning lotion.

  14. So-called infamouskiller is now on "vacation" from the forums.

  15. Yippie ay yeeah, rain. If 'vacation' you mean like 'forever gone'?

  16. Well, they didn't say. But at least they've put him on ice for awhile. If precedent is any indication, once he finds he can't spam the forum to artificially inflate his hits, he'll abandon his blog.

  17. Yip yip yip ...



    forget it,

    I need to pee!

  18. Yee-hah! Finally find a way to tune my ugly new guitar. It doesn't sound like 6 frogs singing together anymore.

  19. Congratz, can't wait to hear it soon.

    Yippeeeayyeah! I just got myself a chance to be on the web now ... again.

  20. As soon as I get a core2duo... be patient fans...

  21. ..what bliss...what peaceful feeling... all is harmony and well in the world:
    no penguins to be seen for miles.
    All is well. The world is at peace.

  22. Well I hate to break the ice but a penguin
    did come to the surface....

    Link » uploading a new theme

  23. I'm so full of goodwill and peace towards man and animal today, so I'll ignore it. As long as it sticks to the thread and the subject.

  24. Yay! Go Me! I actually got up in the MORNING today. Okay, then I did nothing but read and drink coffee until after noon, but still. Baby steps.

  25. Yippee ....

  26. Yippee... :)

  27. A brand new hope. Yay!

  28. I got offered some blog swag today! Woohoo, free MP3 player here I come!

  29. Germany beat Turkey 3:2 in the Euro semi finals. Great game. I will miss the Turkish team, though (They truly redefined lionhearted).

  30. Facinating, delta - that you yeepppeee it in one thread, and grrrrrrrr it in another - on behalf of gf's rabbits. Split personality?

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