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  1. 21,598 hits for yesterday. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  2. Little hurrah after Coaster's, Rhyming Yack made 1000-at last, we spent a little time bumping along the bottom of the stats graph but it's doing ok now [for a mouldy ol' poetry blog]

  3. i couldn't even get 200. sob.

    oops, wrong thread!

  4. Sulz sweetheart we are talking TOTAL hits ever not 1000 in a day, even bigger sob, and wronger thread.

  5. just got a call a few hours ago... got my first job!! :D

  6. now i got a girlfriend... my life has totally changed in just 3 days... omg XDD


  7. Congratulations! Looks like October is definitely your month. You can pick out all my lottery numbers for me!

  8. ^^

    i still can't believe it :D:D:D:D

  9. yeahyippetyap Yack reached the 5g
    annnd I've just completed the longest poem ever written!!!! by me that is, 250+ lines, it's an achievement, I'm chuffed. Whether it's any good is another matter.

  10. Yipeeeeee! my headache is gone! it's been a days bugging me!

  11. I wonder if there is something going around--everyone I know has a sinus infection/headache.
    Odd, that.

    I'm glad yours is gone!

  12. yay!!!!!!!!!! my throat hurting to eat things is gone it hurt for ten days

  13. I got munny to get my clothes laundried! Huzzah!

  14. pornstarbabylon

    So the guy who banned me from his forum left his wife of 20+ years for a 25 year old. He's 43 and the mistress is 25. Thing is the mistress is a younger version of his wife! He's even taking her out to industry parties that his wife has gone to in the past and is friends with people. She helped him start their company and still works there. Someone left comments on my blog asking why the other blogs aren't running this. I check out their Myspace pages and he has pictures of himself and his mistress together all over his page! The other blogs won't run it. Maybe because they're friends with him or they have a business relationship. So of course I run the story! Now I just found pictures of him and the girlfriend at the big Halloween party which means I can use! I'm not placing the Myspace pages because I don't want people to compare pictures of the wife and his girlfriend. But they could be sisters and I seriously though at first it was his wife. It's like God handed me this gem of information just to humiliate this guy who banned me from my favorite forum. So Yippee!!

  15. I love when that happens, hope you humiliate his ass Yippeee for pornstarbabylon,

  16. yip,yip,yappety yap, with Yack marching steadily on towards 10,000 and Rhyming Yack her younger sisterblog just passing 4,000 I remember back in May I was one of the squealers "Oh please, please someone, I just wrote my 1st poem, please, please someone come and read my poem....and PLEASE comment someone-anyone....please...." there have been many lovely comments since then, I thank you. I had a message from the parents of the girl who illustrates "Charlotte" saying how proud and pleased they were for their daughter to have been chosen to illustrate that poem-I know it's yucky, but I feel good about that.

  17. Yip, Yip.
    Just sold my Genetics textbook from last semester, sold it on and got all my freaking money back from when I first bought the book, which is double the amount I would have gotten if I sold the book back to the bookstore....Yippppeeee!!!

    Lets hope my textbook from philosophy sells next *crossing fingers*

  18. yay yippy yap The Totton Linnet [Yack] is into 5 figures 10,018

  19. I did sell my philosophy book :)

  20. Well done, I hope you give yourself a well deserved treat.

  21. Sure, I'll just spend that money to buy more textbooks for next semester. But I also plan on buying a skin for my netbook with some cool design on it, and I also plan on buying storage upgrade card.

  22. I made a top ten list!

    Granted, it's the top 10 blogs you've never heard of....but still!!

  23. OMG congratulations and you appear first on the list, so you also alphabetically beat everyones ass :)

  24. Yes, that's actually the first piece of advice I give to new bloggers: choose a blog name that is at the front of the alphabet.

  25. belated yippee since my second son (Brandon) was born on 1/3. It's been a sleep deprived stumble through existence since then. :-)

  26. Congrats! Sorry I didn't see this before now!

    Mine is pretty mild in comparison: my blog got in the tech blog for our biggest local paper:

    And I got a mention in the actual real dead tree paper, too:

  27. wow - actual print media references. I think the 'police blotter" of my college paper was the highest I ever achieved. :-)

  28. There's still time. I can see a biography of Curlin in your future. Get on it; there are lots of literary agents on WP!

  29. teheeeeeee :] boy i like, likes me back


    im full of happinesssssssssssssssssssss ;]

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