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  1. I have been getting a lot of contacts from media folks lately, and asked one of them how they were finding me. The answer:

    The reason you've been getting contacted is because when members of the press do a story related to entomology they enter clusters of keywords into sites that track blog traffic like and you pop up as a heavily trafficked site (just enter some related terms in and you'll see!).
    General interest media of all forms is declining fast, so increasingly sites go looking for potential readers by forming "symbiotic" relationships with niche blogs like yours. Your academic background in the field is another plus. If you keep it up, and if you have any interest, you may be able to parlay your role into a book, educational/documentary radio or TV spot some day (if you haven't already.) Thanks again for working with us, Bug Girl!

    I have no desire for a book or radio spot, but it was a nice compliment!

  2. Yes, that's a very thorough answer. Be nice to that person! And if someone contacts you looking for a cephalopod fan, you know who to point them to, right?

  3. good stuff bug girl!

  4. Bug girl! that's a yipeee news. :-)

  5. Just remember you was OUR Bug girl 1st
    Yayipee Rhyming Yack has passed 5000 while Yack is marching on towards 17,000 :)

  6. today i got my long awaited car..

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