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Yo!!! I'm trying to beef up my site! Help me out!

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to make my site more convienient for readers. I need help trying to get my work out there, but I also want to help my readers actually enjoy the SITE as well as the writing. Please help me out!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well first you might want to try some posts. lol

    Wit and sarcasm and always a crowd pleaser. But never "comedy" don't go for cheap tricks that would make a 5th grader laugh. Go for really deep humor.

    Add pictures and different pages to your blog. Check mine out for an example.

    Post as much as you can.

    Comment on other peoples post. If you make it an interesting comment then other people that comment will check you out.

    Add tags in post. 5-10 is good. Make them general and about your post.

    Put pictures in your post, not only on pages in your blog.

    Theme your blog.

    Hope this helps.

  3. not the blog attached to my name i'm sorry. this blog.

  4. First off, your theme. Its one of those themes where you see if and you immediately navigate away unless you have stone hard determination. So play up with some themes.

    A lot of what I said in the last one. Pages, pictures, etc.

  5. wordsdivinelywrought


    When I went to your site, I couldn't find an "About" page or anything that introduces your blog and helps me understand what it's about, what you're trying to do, etc. I always look for something like that right away.

    Also, the first impression is a bit confusing. The big, bold, dark, chunky Bueno header (and I know you can't change that) clashes with the red-flocked-looking wallpaper. So my immediate reaction is "Will this be a hard-hitting, powerful, no-nonsense kind of blog, or will it be a sensual, romantic blog to go with the bordello-style wallpaper?" The way it is, it puts out a kind of split personality. When the words, the theme, the presentation, etc.,all work together, the reader can quickly and easily see whether he/she "clicks" with your blog. If it's disorienting, the reader will likely bolt from the scene before even taking a bite of your posts.

    You're off to a good start; now you might want to do some tweaking. The Forums and the Support section are jam-packed with good explanations of how you can make your blog your own and how you can create a test blog to play with theme choices behind the scenes.

    And, BTW, Timethief has some very helpful posts about choosing WP themes, like:

  6. @niwotcentral

    thanks I worked in some of the pages to make navigation a little more easier. Tell me what you think. I'm going to check out a new theme. I just really like bueno and all ofthe customization features.

  7. wordsdivinelywrought

    So here's a question: When people link to your blog, wouldn't you want them first to see the regular posts instead of the About page? Because after their first visit, they will want to see what's current, not have to go through the About page again every time. So, the About would be a static page, but the main posts (what you are calling Fresh Off The Press) would not be a page. Hope that makes sense; I'm really not much of a techie.

    I like the Woman In Charge, but I felt a little cheated when I was promised 10 Things and then only got five. ): One other little thing: The grey subheads and text at the top of the right-hand sidebar are pretty hard to read against the red patterned background.

    Love the roses. Very sensual. Thanks for asking and for receiving these somewhat nit-picky comments.

  8. Yeha I'm trying work out the about page. I can't seem to figure this part out. I want the Latest Post page to be the home page. Idk how to do that. How do I change the grey subheads? Yeah the roses fit the theme of the later poetry that I'm posting. Thanks so much for your help.

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