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    My client asks me if I can change the font size in the widget tag cloud. I have looked through the CSS code but can’t find the right place to make the font a bit larger.
    Anybody knows if it is possible to make the font size larger in the Yoko theme? – and which code lines to alter?

    /Kristian, DK

    The blog I need help with is svendborgtrafiksikkerhedsby.wordpress.com.


    The font sizes for the tag cloud are set programmatically according to how many tagged posts for each tag exist in the blog. You can update the overall font size, however, that would defeat the purpose of the tag cloud by making all of the links the same size. Here is an example:

    .wp_widget_tag_cloud a {
    	font-size: 12pt !important;

    Note that if the blog is new, the fonts may all look really small because not enough posts are tagged yet. The font size for the tags used more often will get bigger and start to stand out automatically—which is the purpose of the tag cloud widget.

    In comparison, the category cloud widget has additional settings for “Minimum font percentage” and “Maximum font percentage” which give you a bit more control over the look if using a category cloud instead of a tag cloud interests them.



    Can you also send me an example of the code for the CATEGORY cloud?
    It’s also difficult for me to find the relevant code in the stylesheet (for CATEGORY font size) so any hints are welcomed :)
    It would be perfect if the code can change font size only for TAG or CATEGORY cloud. Links in general should not be affected ideally.



    For the category cloud, look in the settings for the widget itself. They are named “Minimum font percentage” and “Maximum font percentage.” Do you see them?

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