YOKO: parent and child page attributes not working

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    Hi WP Community.
    I am using the Yoko theme and I’m testing it on my site TUMAINIRIVERA.WORDPRESS.
    This theme supports two custom menus, one above the header image and one below. The one below the header image is the one I am currently playing around with.
    For example, I would like for there to be “child” pages under the SEATING link. Under the seating link, there should be the child pages STOOLS, BENCHES, and CHAIRS.

    I created separate pages for each of the “children”, then added that to that specific menu (the one below the header).

    What am I missing??

    Thanks, wp village! I really appreciate the help.

    The blog I need help with is tumainirivera.wordpress.com.



    Since your blof is private, we cannot check it to tell what exactly you’ve done. For details on custom menus see here:


    Apologies. I have now set it to public.
    Thanks for your help.



    No need to apologize: it’s your right to set your blog to private.

    a) Make sure the menu you’re working on is the one selected in the “Sub Menu” pulldown of the Theme Locations module.
    b) Subpages (dropdowns) are created by dragging items below their parent item, then dragging them horizontally as shown in this screenshot:
    If these suggestions aren’t enough, study the post I linked to.

    I would also suggest you edit your pages and correct their URLs: I don’t see why the URLs should say “link-number-5”, “link-number-6” etc instead of “seating”, “organization” etc.


    problem solved!
    Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it.



    You’re welcome (although I’m not seeing any changes in your menu yet)!

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