Yoko Theme – Text not aligning with Title

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    Hi there fellow WordPressers :)

    I have an issue with the text alignment of my third blog post. My first and second posts are aligned properly where the text stars under the title and the “Leave a comment” section and date are mentioned on the left side.

    But on my third post, the text starts on the left side (left of the heading not under it) and the Date + Leave a Comment are under the heading. It doesn’t look good at all.

    I didn’t change anything in customization or add any widgets or write anything in the text editor.

    This problem exists on the desktop formats (Chrome and Firefox browsers). It doesn’t seem to be occurring on mobile and I haven’t tested it on Tablets.

    The URL is http://funsenselearning.wordpress.com. The theme is Yoko. I’d appreciate any help to fix this problem. Thank you. :)


    The blog I need help with is funsenselearning.wordpress.com.


    Bumping this. I hope this issue can be fixed.


    Another bump

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