Yoko theme's post formats not working

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    In Yoko theme, when I select “quote” or “aside” post format, the post looks like a regular post. I’ve been to the support site and I’m doing what it says. I even tried switching to “Forever” theme, thinking that “Yoko” had a bug or something, but that didn’t help. What’s the problem?
    Thanks so much!
    Oh, and since my blog is private, I haven’t listed it here, but it is a wordpress.com blog.



    I don’t know what the problem is and we Volunteers cannot view private blogs. Staff can view them and I have flagged this thread so it will be moved to the Themes Forum. There Themes Staff can view your blog and assist you with your issue.



    Thanks so much, I appreciate your help!



    I don’t know what you were expecting but post formats in Yoko work as expected: Aside and Quote format posts display no title.



    OK, that makes sense. Thank you. (I guess I thought quote formatting would automatically increase font size on a quote post and right side align the source of the quote. And I guess I didn’t know what an aside was suppose to look like. So, it sounds like there is no difference between an “aside” format and a “quote” format. For example I could set the post format to “aside” and still make the post look just like a quote. I’d right side align the quote source, but I’d do that step anyway on a “quote format” post . . . right?)
    Thanks again!

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