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    So when I first set up my blog by clicking the month for the Archives widget I’d get text above the archive widget that said “You are currently browsing the ____ blog archives for ____, ____.”. The first blank for the blog name and the second and third blanks for the month and year of the selected archive.

    I moved around and customized my widgets and now when I click on the Archive widget that text doesn’t show up anymore. Does anyone know how to restore this? I know it’s a minor thing but I enjoyed having that text there. Editing the Archive widget doesn’t seem to fix it either.

    This is when I use the Kubrick theme by the way, I don’t know about other themes.

    The blog I need help with is geekllife.wordpress.com.



    An example of this is the xkcd blog. Their blog has this text in it.



    http://blag.xkcd.com/ is not hosted here at wordpress.COM/ . What is the address of the blog you are talking about?


    If you are talking about the blog linked to your username, it could be that staff has changed the archives widget here to not show that in the archives widget. It is actually redundant since is says virtually the same thing at the top of the page in the post area.

    Past that I could only suggest contacting staff directly at http://support.wodpress.com/contact/



    Yeah the one linked to my username. I only provided the xkcd one because it served as a reference to what I was missing on my page.

    The funny thing is that I only migrated over to WordPress a little more than a day ago and I had that text there before I changed my Widgets around, then it disappeared.

    You are right about the text at the top of the page. I can live with that I suppose. ^^

    Thanks for your help!


    It could be that it shows in the default sample set of widgets (which aren’t really widgets) that is created and displayed before you actually add any widgets to the sidebar.

    OK, I just checked and yes it shows in the faux set of widgets before you add any.

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