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"You are not authorized to add subdomains to that domain."

  1. Hi!

    I can't seem to set up a second blog! Could someone pls help?

    I have a domain, let's call it, and I have set up a blog on that called, and I have successfully redirected to

    OK, that's fine.

    I am now trying to set up a second blog, let's call it, and I've set up a new WordPress account. For some reason, I go into the My Dashboard - Options - Domains and when I type in my new subdomain into the box it says:

    "You are not authorized to add subdomains to that domain."

    Does anyone know why this happens? Am I only allowed 1 WordPress per domain, even if there are multiple subdomains?

    I'm trying to set up a second blog on a domain I own

  2. To be honest, you're the first person to raise the more than one subdomain question here and I'm not sure what the exact policy is. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and ask staff how they want to handle it. The feedback is located at the upper right of any backend page.

    I do know that all of the subdomains of a single domain hosted here at are redirected to that one site. That may be something simulart to what you;re running into here.

  3. Thank you, drmike! I'll submit a support request... :)

  4. esriabrainstorm

    I'm seeing the same behavior.

  5. Have you sent a feedback as well? That's the recommended course of action.

  6. They search for the topic but don't read the thread that they post in? *sigh*

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