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You call it a dashboard, I call it a car wreck ...transfer blogs

  1. Come on Guys... I have three domains here at under a single username...which means I have a single display name cross blogs. And one of those blogs is a $300 pro package that's never gone public...Close to two months and counting. I simple want to separate the have three different display names and map third party e-mail to the accounts.

    So if I get this right, I must burn two e-mail accounts to create two new accounts and then transfer the pro account and the one with multiple premium theme purchases and sundry upgrades to those accounts. Correct?

    And in doing so, will said pro account and other transfer intact, with all upgrades et al? Or, must I... wait for it. purchase a redirect?

    I have read and watched videos about the above and still have these questions.

    Bottom line. I currently pay for three blogs, upgrades, coms, premium themes and such...but in essence, your across the board single username and display name, means I have one posting place pimped out in this or that display.

    Real bottom line. I want to give you cash and be a content provider. What more to you want. Make that easy.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I expect that staff will be able to transfer the upgrades, I will flag this post for their attention. It might speed things up if you create the other accounts and let the staff know their names. Please be patient, staff are busy but they will get round to you.

  3. Ok, you'll need to register a different user account for each blog. Please note that we only allow one username per email address.

    Once done, you can transfer ownership of the blog following this guide:

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