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You can’t edit that user.

  1. I created the blog with one account (let's call it's username FIRST).

    Later, I created another user account (SECOND) because I wanted to administer the blog with a different username and email address.So I had two users, both assigned the administrator role. So far, so go.

    Then I invited a new user (THIRD), whose email is forwarded to FIRST for reading and replies, in the role of Author. THIRD accepted the invitation.

    When I (FIRST) logged in, I discovered I no longer had the Administrator role. When I logged in as SECOND, who still had the Administrator role, I discovered that FIRST's role had been changed to Author.

    When I try to change the role of FIRST,I receive the message: "You can't edit that user."


    So, how badly is this blog messed up?

    I can't Administer the blog as the originator.

    An invited user (e.g., THIRD) who accepts the invitation does not appear on the User list.

    The invited user gets the wrong landing page ("The [THIRD] blog does not exist!") after logging in.

    Can I safely delete the user who created the blog and just use the second user assigned the Administrator role?

    Can staff change the role of the originating user back to Administrator?

    What must happen to correct the problem of invited users not appearing in the user list?

    What must happen to correct the landing page problem?

    BTW, I have managed several blogs in, and I never had problems like these. I decided to go with to make life simpler, BUT... (need I say more?)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff have recently changed this. Here's a link to the first Staff reply in this thread and you will have to read forward to locate the others.

  3. P.S. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. Thanks for your response. I read the thread you provided. things appear to be terribly broken and, as yet, unresolved.

    Perhaps part of my particular problem related to changing Administrator to Author is related to cookies stored on my computers. Initially, I accepted the forwarded invitation for THIRD user on my computers which resulted in the change. However, it was only when I accepted the invitation on my wife's system (we both receive copies of emails sent to THIRD) that an account ACTIVATED message was received. Of course, even though THIRD still does not appear in the User list and does not land on the blog's home page after logging in.

    The blog is targeted, primarily, for senior, unsophisticated and, perhaps, naive, inexperienced, and intelligent, though impatient, blog users. New these users need a clear, simple, easy, reliable, transparent means of joining the blog. As is, this WordPress blog is useless! At this point I can't even test it with potential users (including physicians and their patients).

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