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You cannot have more than 150 facebook friendz..

  1. How many friend you have on your 'Facebook Or Orkut' profile or even combination of both

    Say, 1000,2000...

    If your are popular in your community then ...10000,50000.

    According to the research while social networking site allow people to keep up more relations but the number of meaning friends are more or less the same as we had through out the history.

    This theory is known as "Dunbar Number", theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.

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  2. Frankly I sincerely doubt that anyone could have a close enough personal face-to-face relationship with 100 people to be accurately called a "friendship."

    In the context of social networks, I do not consider the label "friend" to depict anything more than "acquaintance" (with some common interests) or "contact" (with some common interests).

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