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You can't add meta description, but there's another way

  1. I look at previous threads asking why they can't add meta description to their blog.
    I did stumble upon to this question latetly, and wondered why was my blog could not indexed better than other free blogging site (example blogspot).
    But I've made a breakthrough now. Indeed, it's possible to add meta description to a blog.
    This is what I do.

    • Navigate to one of your article, and click edit.
    • Click on "Screen Option" on the top left bar.
    • Check "Excerpt"

    Now on you can see Excerpt displayed on your edit page.

    • Add a few words as your page description.
    • Save it.

    Now, you may have meta description of your post.
    It's great to have a meta description, because everyone will see a brief infomation of your posts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for a Staff response to your confusion. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. *sigh..can't edit some typos.
    "screen option" is on your top right bar.
    and more other typos, sorry. I just can't edit them.

  4. You are off on a tangent abov and I'll leave it to Staff to straighten out your thinking because meta description tags and tags on posts are not the same thing at all. .

    This is a multi-user blogging platform. Our blogs share a common architecture. We bloggers cannot access metadata.

    That being said it's of interest to note meta titles, meta descriptions and keyword metatags are not required for SEO purposes and Matt Cutts of Google has said that as far back as 2009. Search engines are focused on keywords in your content. What is important is keywords found in your content.

    To verify blog ownership of a blog with the major search engines you must use this process > Note also that automatically supplies sitemaps for our blogs to search engines - we do nothing.

  5. :)
    Please refer to one of my posts. And you'll find that I have meta description on its post. It produced from the "Excerpt" I wrote.

  6. I don't read your language but I do know that excerpts cannot be used to access the header area of any free hosted blog and or alter meta descriptions.

  7. I don't use excerpts and there are Meta Tags that describe my content. Put there by WordPress.COM

  8. Howdy all,

    The meta descriptions are automatically created by and the methodology used can't be changed, as timethief noted. Typically, the meta description on a site and posts on the site is set to the site's tagline, which is one reason you should always set the tagline in Settings->General, even if your theme doesn't display it.

    Excerpts, depending on theme, are used for a range of things, such as displaying part of a post before a "read more" jump (similar to a More Tag when used by a theme in this way), setting the OpenGraph description tag (most commonly used by Facebook to generate the description when sharing a link on someone's Timeline), and for setting the post's meta description, which is sometimes used in search results or when sharing posts on other services that do not support the relatively new OpenGraph protocol.

    Without the excerpt set, the OpenGraph tag defaults to the first few lines of the post and the meta description defaults to the tag line, as noted above.

    Individual blogs aren't able to modify meta tags otherwise, except for through the Dashboard for verifying Google Webmaster Tools and other similar services.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything.

  9. It's just my theme or what. fortunately @kraftbj, I solved duplicate meta descriptions on GWMT.
    But I have unique meta descriptions for any of my single post. Not only on the search results. You can see as you view it source.
    Don't believe?
    Please refer to my 2 posts. You'll identify that they have uniqe meta descriptions. (and also, I have unique meta property="og:description)

    1. link:
    meta description :
    <meta name="description" content="Cara mengatasi wajah kusam dan berjerawat yang benar dan efektif, dilakukan melalui pengelupasan (menghilangkan) kulit mati dan pemberian obat jerawat.">
    2. link:
    meta description :
    <meta name="description" content="Cara menghilangkan jerawat membandel, dan tips bagaimana mengatasi bekasnya dengan cepat, yaitu melalui pola hidup sehat, rutin facial wajah, dan obat jerawat terbaik.">

  10. I was sceptical but hadingrh is right. I added the excerpt "About the first UK Stasang group meeting" to this article. Now looking at the source its says:

    <meta property="og:url" content="" /><br /> <strong><meta property="og:description" content="About the first UK Stasang group meeting" /></strong><br />

  11. Sorry, I messed up the include by trying to emphasise the relevant part. Here it is:

    <meta property="og:description" content="About the first UK Stasang group meeting" /><br />

  12. just realised I included the wrong section

    <meta name="description" content="About the first UK Stasang group meeting Continue reading →" />

  13. @kraftbj: I try to follow your instruction, but when I gogling, google didn't find it.
    @hadingrh: I didn't find excerpts, can you please help me?

  14. Hi @agathamaria20:

    To use excerpts, you may need to click on "Screen Options" at the top right of your post editing page and click the box for Excerpts. It is typically disabled by default since the average user doesn't use them.

    Here's more on it from our support docs:

    Once you set your excerpt, it won't show on Google instantly, but instead after the next time that Google spiders (scans) your content, which can vary quite a bit based on Google's schedule.

  15. how we can relieve or errase the duplicate meta descriptions, and tittle tags on webmaster? what's the affect of our blog about this problem?

  16. Hi @hamikron,

    Are you referring to the inclusion of both the og:title and og:description as well as the meta name="title" and meta name="description" tags?

    That's purposeful. The former is part of the OpenGraph spec that Facebook originated while the latter is an older, more widely accepted method of noting a decription. Providers and services that recognize both will ignore the extra information.

    If I misunderstood the question, my apologies.

  17. Hi @hamikron,
    I was encountered this problem before I proceeded these steps:
    1. add excerpts to my posts
    2. go to setting - reading, and then change "Blog pages show at most" to higher as you can (wordpress limits to 99 post). This because my total posts below 100. If you have more than 99, then this step would left duplicates meta descriptions.
    That's it. Now on I can see on my GWMT, that some problems has been fixed. May it helps.
    The results, as you can see on my personal free wordpress's blog Hadi Nugraha

  18. @kraftbj
    hi kraftbj

    thank you for answered..
    But my intention is how to eliminate the signs that my posts were detected as duplicate meta descriptions and duplicate title tags that exist in GWMT (google webmaster tools)?

  19. @hadingrh
    thank you hadi..

    I'll give it a try. hopefully it clears.
    if there is still a problem may I will ask again

  20. @hadingrh

    I have turned it into 55 post on "Blog pages show at most" .. the previous is 10.
    do you think this experience will successfully eliminate GWMT index is considered duplicate meta descriptions / title tags?

  21. and what you mean about step 1. " add excerpts to my posts"?

  22. whether we should add excerpts on each post?

  23. Hello all,

    Regarding the duplicate meta description notice in Google Webmaster Tools, we're looking into this issue and I'll let you know when I have additional information to pass along.

  24. @hamikron
    Yes you're correct, you should add excerpts on each post.
    Please see this screenshot
    I still have 1 duplicate meta descriptions left (previously I have dozens duplications). I believe all duplicates will be cleaned on GWMT on the next crawls.

  25. @kraftbj

    Am also experiencing the same duplicate meta tag issue in GWT (100+ and counting), so will be awaiting your update.

  26. Hi folks,

    We believe we've fixed the cause on this on our end, though, the warnings may continue to display for you until the next time Google crawls your site.

    Thanks for your patience and please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for using!

  27. Thanks, I've checked my "page source" and it looks good!

  28. Dear @kraftbj,
    I'm very excited about this news.
    Could you describe what fixes have you been made?
    Is it related to meta title on pagination problem?
    If it is. Yes, you've made us happy. Thank you.
    But I still see a possible duplication on meta descriptions at paginations.

  29. Hi Hadi,

    The particular fix changes the way meta descriptions were generated by using the post content when an explicit excerpt is not present on a single-post page (as opposed to only using the site's tagline), as well as not generating a meta description on a password-protected post.

    Paginations are a bit more interesting since the post's excerpt would be the same between the pages of a paginated post and archives (/page/2/, date-based, etc) would use the site tagline.

    We'll bat this around a bit more for the next iteration.

  30. Hello Brandon,
    Glad to hear that. WordPress bloggers would be glad to have those fixes. And soon they will eliminated troubles on GWT, and stay on top on googles SERP for their posts (I was glad I found the excerpt as the way to manipulate the meta description outputs, so many of my posts could ranked on #1 on google local search).

    WordPress is awesome, you guys too.

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