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You can't advertise on WordPress, can you?!?

  1. therealsouthkorea

    A while back I was told that advertising was "disallowed" by the people at WordPress. However, I just noticed the " I Can Has Cheezburger?" which constantly shows up as a top blog -- might as well just give them free advertising... Anyway, they have advertising on their blog. I noticed they do have a direct domain, but why are they publicized on WordPress? It's a little odd... In my opinion, but I'm not a pet person, it's a silly blog...nevertheless, it racks up the traffic. I wonder if it's an internal blog in WordPress? Some wordpress staffer blogging and giving themselves' free traffic by putting in the "top blogs" all the time? Just curious...and I'd love to know what the polic y is on advertising.

  2. There is no blogger initiated advertising allowed on blogs, except for those like the one you name which is a VIP blog.

    more coming

  3. Cheezburger is a VIP blog. See more about VIP hosting here:

  4. ummm judy please give me a chance to finish typing and fetching links as i only have one hand to work with

  5. sorry; we were posting at the same time. I didn't realize i was supposed to wait until i was sure no one else was going to answer the question. I didn't even know you were working on this.

    No problem. See ya.

  6. no problem i just wanted you to know i'm clumsy and i'm slow and that's why I had already left a "more coming" to indicate i wasn't done yet :) yikes! and now it's too late to remove the more coming ...*lol*

  7. therealsouthkorea's curiousity I also have before... Hahaha...

    I think I did asked here or where before how come it seems almost always the same few sites were at the front page. And as a good and friendly blogger I am, I did drop by to add comments. But gradually, I realize there are always the same 'quiet' people.

    In that case, I suppose the solution is to join my forum (which is still under fixing), cos at my forum, I allow people to promote their blogs and such.

    Whether Cheezeburger is a silly blog or not... That's not polite for me to comment. But I think everyone's blog is unique. So... that applies to Cheeze.


  8. Aside from that, I also hope WordPress would keep VIP VIP while not suppressing the other blogs just to make VIP grow faster, in unnatural manner. I am reluctant to see wayward competition in such manner.

    In a way, we can pay USD2/= to have 10000hits a day to some service. But, what's the point? Hahaha... If anyone wants to promote their blogs, other than joining me, they can also go to China's many 'commuity centres'. But the problem is, China netizens may not be able to reach USA server. But those western netizens in China centre will be able to.

    Regards. And hope this helps.


  9. @scopettg
    "You can't advertise on wordpress can you?" was the question. And what you are posting does not help because it does not answer it. Besides that both myself and judy had already answered the question previous to your two posts. :)

  10. Hi Timethief,

    I thot he was pondering what I was pondering as well. Hahaha...
    From how I intepret him, he was wondering about advertising or promoting his blog. But he just wonder how come it was also those few blogs which made it onto the front. :)

    Actually, you also 'solve' my puzzle as well in this.


  11. Actually, you also 'solve' my puzzle as well in this.

    That's good - happy blogging. :)

  12. It's getting better to have you around, Timethief.
    Maybe I can be what WordPress VIP someday as well. :D

    Imagine those people who saw my edited pictures... But Western friends won't really understand most of them, I suppose. You happy blogging too!


  13. I found a loop-hole. You CAN advertise on without VIP status! All that you need to do is to invent and manufacture your own product, create a shopping cart website:, hire a fullment and customer service company, film a TV commercial, post the TV commercial on, upload the TV commercial to a vpod site, add vpod to your blog:, and for the low price of about half a million dollars, you too can be advertising on for free!

  14. Har.

    No, people have had their blogs terminated for video advertisements too.

  15. Sounds like a bargain to me, where do I sign up! :-)

    If you want to report him to see if he's playing nicely with the rules, while viewing his site, click "blog info in the blue admin bar, go to "report spam" and tell support about him. That is what they have suggested. The check out every claim.

  16. So still no advertising or selling things like t shirts and such?

    Are we in the community supposed to be reporting blogs that we find doing such things?

    And if so, is there a list of VIP blogs so people don't waste their time reporting blogs that are allowed to sell stuff?

  17. If you see one you think violates the terms of service, then in the blue admin bar at the top of the page (while you are logged in and at the site) select "report as spam" from the "blog info" pulldown and let staff know. Include why you think it violates the TOS.

  18. But I don't think it's spam.

    It's not that I have a problem with a t shirt link on the sidebar of a blog I visited this morning. I'm just trying to get a handle on what's allowed and what isn't so I can keep from breaking TOS. I know this is a bit of a touchy issue and that the response in the past has been fairly mushy, but I'm asking sincerely.

    I'm honestly not sure where we stand right now. If I'm not allowed to sell stuff, I'd rather find out up front instead of taking my chances.

  19. That is actually how staff has told us to report them. I thought it was a little weird to, but just say in the form that you think they are violating the "no advertising" part of things.

  20. Well, I was only joking around in my previous post. A little ploy to drive some traffic and for that I apologize. My site includes the latest medical research information on dietary supplements and I've spent countless hours working on it. Any information posted on my site is referenced to published medical research. Yes, I do work for a company that makes only two different dietary supplements, one for promoting joint health and another for premenstrual syndrome. The content of my blog includes medical research on all types of dietary supplements--sports nutrition, weight loss, osteoporosis, cancer, and other various conditions for which my company does not sell or make any related products. Please visit my site and be assurred that it is 100% not spam and is simply an information resource for dietary supplements of any nature. Also please feel free to ask questions about any type of dietary supplement ingredients and I will do my best to answer your questions with references to the latest medical research publications. I recently switched from blogger to wordpress and want to be a welcome member of this community.

  21. Once again, my blog link is: Feel free to visit my site and form your own opinion. I will point out that most of my recent posting activity has been related to sports supplements. The company that I work for does not make a single sports nutrition supplement. I look forward to comments on my site and any dietary supplement questions that you may have. Cheers.

  22. @jmorrow50 - We are volunteers here and neither make nor interpret rules. If you have any doubts about your blog, why not ask the PTB to take a look? You can contact them from the tab in the upper right of your dashboard.

  23. Thank you ella. If need be, does anyone know how technically difficult it is to switch to a blog on my own domain? Is there any easy way to do this in which you can maintain your widgets and content?

  24. @jmorrow

    The installation comes with widgets. You cannot "take your theme and widgets" with you from as we run on different software.

    (1) Hire a web host.
    I use A Small Orange $25 per year

    (2) If you are savvy enough to download the free blog template software and the plugins you want from and upload it into your site yourself - cool. And if not there's

    (3) You can export your blog contents (pages, posts, comments, categories) out into an xml file and then import them into your install. The links must be separately exported and imported.

    (3) You have to be prepared to upload and install new versions and updates.

    (4) If you start as and switch to your own domain with a install you will lose your Google juice for a few months and your Technorati rank will go back to zero.

  25. Hi everyone, I just noticed the strangest thing. First of all, I've removed all the content from my blog which could be considered advertising. However, I just clicked on one of my blog links when I wasn't signed into my blog, and I see all of these "ads by google" on my blog. How did that happen? When I logged into my blog, the ads disappeared. I don't mind if wp wants to run google ads on my blog, but I just want to make sure these ads are placed by wp. Please let me know... thanks again.

  26. From the last paragraph of the features page:

    To support the service we may occasionally show Google text ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.

  27. jmorrow - The ads you saw were indeed placed by WordPress. No one logged in ever sees them. There's a full explanation about it here:

  28. Thanks Ella, just wanted to make sure everything was okay. As for the discussion on the link that you provided, I am certainly more than happy to let wp post ads on my site in return for free bloggin. I've tried adsense widgets on my blogger blogs (out of curiousity), and I am guessing that unless you have a blog with an incredibly huge volume of monthly traffic, it doesn't benefit the individual user very much. However, with the huge number of blogs on wp, it certainly offers wp the ability to generate needed revenue.

  29. I'm not going to play "citizen on patrol" and start snitching on fellow bloggers because they may have posted a little innocuous ad...shoot, even if the whole blog was one big ad why do I care? I don't have to read it...and I'm certainly not going to click on the "report spam" link. If they go against WordPress' TOS...that's between them and WordPress. I ain't getting into the middle of something that doesn't concern me. I never understood why some people are so offended by a little advertising anyway? I started my blog here at WordPress because I liked the layout and all the great features. There are 2 things (3 if they don't fix the Akismet bug) that I don't like about WordPress but I'm willing to live with... 1) That they don't allow us to make a little money via an AdSense type program. What's the big deal? My blog ain't about making money but since my day job barely pays the rent it would be nice! Not like it would hurt anybody... 2) No javascript or forms. Now I understand the security issue but if they can't figure out a way to make it safe to add 3rd party scripts then at least offer more widgets or trusted script partners. Aside from those 2 complaints WordPress is a pretty awesome place to have a blog and I will continue to use WP into the foreseeable future.

  30. "even if the whole blog was one big ad why do I care? "

    "WordPress is a pretty awesome place to have a blog "

    Hopefully because we keep all the spammers, ad merchants, penis growth experts, "Make a Million $$$", sploggers and all the other crap that actually makes us a pretty awesome place.
    The fact is that we need to have rules to make sure the place is kept clean. We say no ads because what we can't say is "You can ads for x and y but not z".
    There is no way we will turn into Blogger.

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