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You cant trust CNN

  1. Why is CNN at the top of wordpress list daily? I am sick of my fellow Americans being mislead! People need to seek alternative news sources. CNN, Fox, mainstream media in general is bias and misleading, you need to wake up!! There are very important things happening that most people dont realize!! Why dont they report on the things I put on my site ! or on any of the real issues! I challenge any of you to break your bondage to mainstream media! and seek the truth! According to the government we are all terrorists now!! so what do you have to lose? Nothing except your shackles!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. fabulousatfifty

    Because CNN are america, like the BBC here, they report what they think we should hear, there you go, a fact of life....... I agree totaly, we are never told the true facts about anything, we dont need to know, it might cause panic and they cant have that can they....

  3. A very weak but effective way to promote your blog, I couldn't resist visiting it.

    - Lora

  4. Whatever it takes to get everyone to WAKE UP! If only more people cared about what is being planed for them. I don't really care if its my blog or not just seek alternative news!

  5. The truth is that in the age of "modern journalism", you can't fully "trust" any major news outlet. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, network news - they all have their pros and cons and I would hesitate greatly before accepting any as being fully "truthy".

    The key is to use them for what they are valuable for....some facts - admittedly mostly interspersed around gobs of opinion, spin, propaganda, and complex webs of deception. Toss in a healthy dose of sensationalism (which, by the way, makes for good blogging when applied properly) and it becomes a bit murkier to discern fact from truth.

    A good litmus test is to carefully consider whether each piece of journalism that you take in is designed to steer you towards the one opinion or the other (usually that of the author/"journalist").


    Objective journalism

    Questions arose today as to what the high temperature really was? Some suburban residents reported high temperatures of 94 degrees, while thermometers in center city topped out at 92 degrees."

    Sensational journalism

    "A heated debate tonight in response to the questionable reports coming from the affluent suburbs of the city. Residents of Suburbia, a wealthy outer district of the city, reported a high temperature of 94 degrees. Local residents disagreed and were quick to point out that the center city thermometer only registered a mere 92 degrees, calling into question the credibility of the wealthy suburbanites."

    Granted,I'm guilty of over-the-top sensationalism myself in those examples, but you get the picture.


  6. benwaysrustyscalpel

    You can't trust anyone! My mom put a red hot frying pan on my face while i was sleeping! My sister clipped my toenails and made a soup of it for my birthday. I was born into coldness from the warmth of the womb!

  7. "The truth is that in the age of "modern journalism", you can't fully "trust" any major news outlet"

    So true!

  8. You can totally trust the person below me :)

  9. you can totally trust that I heard Fox news talking about the ACORN voter registration scandal last night, Only they left out the part where they are GPS painting everyone's front doors?
    Believe that!

  10. oh.BTW. Thanks for believing me Mark!

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