YOU changed my theme without my knowledge

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    Additional theme specific information re: Coraline can be found in the announcement. >



    The Twenty Ten theme is still available. If you have questions to ask about Twenty Ten or Coraline specfic to issues you have on your blog then please post them, so Volunteers and Staff who are monitoring the forum can help you.

    Cutline has been replaced by Coraline and will NOT be restored.

    This is the link to the sticky post at the head of this forum wherein Staff provide vital information for those who have the new Coraline theme. In that thread they assist members with technical issues not covered in the FAQs found in the original post in the thread. >

    If you have the CSS upgrade please click this link to the sticky post at the head of the forum >

    Support is currently closed as staff meet offsite brainstorming ways to make things better. We will be dropping into the forums regularly during the hiatus, and we’ll formally reopen on August 16th.


    @ludusnaturae: But the GPL affair was about Thesis, not Cutline. The dispute over Thesis doesn’t justify removing Cutline (just because it was originally designed by the same designer), and doesn’t justify removing it without warning.



    Now, folks. Change is supposed to be a good thing. Let’s not suffer heart attacks over appearances only. After all, blogging is supposed to be all about CONTENT.

    The theme change can be made without warning because the theme belongs to designer. They can do whatever they want.

    Why not give Coraline a try? Team Automattic has done a good job with the Coraline theme, which does look cleaner than the Cutline theme.

    Personally, I’d be bored staying on one theme for too long. But that’s just me.



    I’m in hearty agreement, flynnsblogs. I liked Coraline, gave it a try when it was first available, not sure why I switched off to Pressrow, but I know I had a reason…anyway, I saw the warnings that the changes were coming and just changed over to Twenty Ten in time to prevent any kind of disaster.

    I find that my current choice is actually the best one to meet my needs that I’ve tried thus far… But like niwotcentral said, “I now have this vague, creeping dread that I will wake up one day and it will be ‘new and improved’…” I kinda wonder about that too. Hope it never happens!



    I’ve been here for just 15 minutes, seeing if WP is what I would like in a blog. I’m not so happy…

    I tried to find a list of “over 100 themes” , but the link keeps putting me here…
    …where it states “dozens”, shows 5 and links to NONE.

    So, I thought I would have to get a log on to enter some secret information sanctum. Still can’t find it. Then I thought I had to start a blog. Still can’t find it, but I did find this forum.

    And thanks to all that have posted here, I have decided that after all of my hard work to get a blog looking perfect, and WP will just randomly change it – YIKES!! – I can’t see any reason to use it. …and I STILL can’t find the themes.

    It’s just too much work just to see if I like it, I can’t imagine what it must be like to use it.

    I have no reason to stay for another moment.
    Good luck to those that like it.


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    (URL ends in

    re: the change without notice—there have only been 3 such theme changes, and in the first case the original theme was restored.

    We are volunteers (for the most part), so it matters nothing to us if you stay or go, but good luck to you too! Hope you find a platform you like.

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