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You have to be kidding me. My account is getting suspended?

  1. @TT - you're right about the post, they are linked. I wonder why I didn't spot this at first. But to me it makes situation even more confusing and the policy on advertising on blogs even less clear.

    As I understand it, we cannot say "no ads" as part of what we like about WP, because, as we are told, we actually have ads on our blogs. Even though when we signed up there were no ads and the current policy says no ads. (Special circumstances execpted as we now know). We can't see the ads (which are part of a test and contextual), at the moment we can't control them (shiver) and we don't know if our readers can see them. (I am really hoping not). I suppose we must just wait and see what options we are going to have to prevent them if we don't want them. Those of us who want to of course... as some seeimingly can't wait to rake in their $$millions.

    We still need to have a very clear policy on all forms of advertising.

  2. I've been talking to them, and they are working on it. The community has sent a VERY clear message along with a number of very workable options, so I am going to give them time to sort this out. Believe me, they know it matters to WordPress users.

    And yes, if there are ads on your blog people will run into them. And you'll never know if there are ads on your blog unless you check without being signed in. Because we're generally signed in, we rarely see them; I only saw mine by accident.

  3. maybe we should start an avatar awards, lol.

    one for coolest-looking, one for most controversial (i want to be nominated for this one!), one for weirdest-looking, one for most boring etc etc.

  4. @sulz
    Great idea - winning categories for the Plaster Ass Not Very Important Bloggers Challenge. I'm great at delegating and you showed us your stuff when you did the excellent breakdown analysis of themes and their features. So start the list and we'll add onto it as we go.
    I'm expecting an entry to coming rolling in from someone named Jimbo who is into "man boobs". It will be an intersting contrast to "team vagina". And IMO that strawberry dripping with chocolate was absolutely erotic oops! I mean exotic, of course. It would also be a strong contender for the dripping with suggestion subliminal non textual advertising category, don't you think? ;)

  5. i had someone else told me my strawberry pic erotic too, so you're not the only one. =)

  6. I'm coming in late as heck on this one. But I can't see what the big fuss is when all one has to do to post ads on their blog is just to go the .org route.

  7. Not everyone has the technical skills to maintain a .org blog, and believe me, hardly anyone reads the Terms of Service before beginning to blog, so a large number of people get their first hint that they transgressed when their blog goes POOF!

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