You have to be kidding me. My account is getting suspended?

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    The comments on the WordPress posting are definitely moderated. Mine were made last night, but posted today, because no doubt Matt was asleep when I made them. I have made some pretty strong comments in that thread, and he’s both posted them and made a correction to his own posting because of something I said. I wouldn’t worry about censorship in the thread.

    I do think making decisions on an individual basis when you have 300,000+ users is goingt o be incredibly impractical, and I agree that formulating a policy and then putting it out publicly is the best way to handle this, but I think they got the cart before the horse here. I will give them some time to sort it out, but tt is right; the policy does need to be clear, it needs to be fair, and it really can’t be an individual call, or WordPress will be inundated with requests for exemptions.



    @TT – I’m going to read it again… slowly this time, because I didn’t think they were related, it must be really subtle. For something that people feel so strongly about it needs to be crystal clear and, as rc said, fair and seen to be fair.

    @rc – what was odd was that my comment and Matt’s reply to it appeared in My comments! And his reply to TT’s comment. So, yes it must be moderated on WP.



    I will try yet again.

    There are VIP bloggers here at – Scoble and Om to name two. They are – to use Wank’s term – ‘special’.

    Then there is the rest of us.
    I will try with examples:

    I come across a blog called “casino99” and on it is ONE post and ONE ad. I would suspend that blog instantly and it would never be returned.

    I come across a blog that is being written by what appears to be a genuine blogger but it has ads. Now I can:
    – suspend the blog and never return it
    – suspend the blog, email the owner and ask them to come within the rules
    – just email the owner and ask them to come within the rules
    That is what I mean by individually – I’m not making people special, I’m not changing the end rules – I am trying to get people to keep their blogs even when the rules say it should be removed.
    No-one gets exempted unless they are a VIP.

    Another example:
    – User AAA posts and ask why his viagra blog has been suspended because it only had one big ad. Some here would laugh at them.
    – User BBB – who happens to help a lot here in this forum posts and asks why his blog was suspended when all he had was 6 affiliate links. Some people here would be yelling for him to get his blog back.
    There are double standards in the forum in that respect – we all support people we like.

    SEO Contests – Matt blogged about them. We see a lot of those types of blogs. When is another link to a site too many? When does it go from being another link to a great site to an SEO attempt? That’s in the TOS too. And again it comes down to looking at the blog and going from there – we have huge experience of working out a splog from a blog – just as some people here. And when it appears to be a genuine mistake we will do what we can.

    And in case someone says we should write things in stone (VIP’s apart), please indicate any TOS anywhere for any organisation that is so written. If we wanted we could hardcode things I suppose and write a bot that crawled all the blogs suspending as it went if needed. And if we did that people would soon be posting that they wanted a person to look, a person to judge and a person to help if needed.
    That’s what we are trying to do.



    Go Podz! :)



    We understand and appreciate that you’re trying to be fair and human, but you’ve put your finger on it: VIP bloggers.

    I know they’re a great draw. I am at WordPress because my geek friend found out about it because Scoble blogs here. But the VIPs are essentially providing PR for a service you’re telling us exists only for them. I know you don’t mean to do it, but in effect it’s the old switcheroo.

    We all know businesses court celebrities with perks, but this is the blogosphere, not Koi. A level playing field is a central tenet of this culture. It is difficult to articulate in part because it runs so deep.

    Surely there can be an evolution of TOS to make this even playing field a reality for non-current VIPs. Perhaps links only to one’s own books or products could be an option after X number of posts containing Y number of original words, or Z amount of time posting three times a week. This should keep the sploggers away, yet allow people to earn their way into the right to have such ads. And it won’t mean you have to orphan the current VIPs, just that there will eventually be more people on WordPress with these abilities.



    But the VIPs are essentially providing PR for a service you’re telling us exists only for them.

    Thank you. You nailed it.

    These VIP blogs alert a lot of people to the existence of who wouldn’t otherwise be aware of it. If you didn’t award them these extra privileges, they’d go elsewhere and would lose the publicity they bring in, which would benefit nobody. But it does need to be made clear that if you take up the invitation to get your own free blog at you won’t have a blog like theirs; you will be limited in terms of which themes you can use and you are unlikely to be allowed to shove Adsense below every other post. Now that Om Malik seems to be setting up a new site here with a custom theme every other week, it’s only a matter of time before new signups start bleating about false advertising, which is not great publicity.

    Short term, maybe you should think about directing links from these blogs to a page which explains the situation. Long term, the best solution is to make these features available to everyone who’s willing to pay for them, but I’m sure you know that already.




    Actually, Dr Mike nailed it. That page does not tell you that there are differences between the WordPress offer to you and the WordPress service to Noteable Bloggers. It does, however, include this:

    You are in good company if you use WordPress to publish yourself on the web. Here are some well known sites that are powered by WordPress. Want a blog like this yourself?

    Which, of course, you can’t have.



    Well except for the adverts, it’s pretty much the same.




    You mean like this?

    Hey! How come I’m not listed in there with the NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, and Southwest Airlines? Is it my lack of frequent blogger miles? Is it because my motto is “All the news that fits, I print”?

    “How do I get this damn tongue out of my cheek?”



    ” You are in good company if you use WordPress to publish yourself on the web. Here are some well known sites that are powered by WordPress. Want a blog like this yourself? “

    Which, of course, you can’t have.”

    Seems to me like that’s as near false advertising as you can get. It gives the impression that you can have sites like these, when in fact you cannot. But don’t SWA and the NYT and other companies pay as corporate clients? While other people get the free blog – with extras.



    *sniff* I’m not a VIP…. *sniff* :)

    SWA and NYT use the downloadable version of the software. I don’t think they’re hosted here.



    Now, now drmike [she said chuckling] don’t you know that in some quarters being on a Not a Very Important Blogger list could be an indication of a very special kind of coolness. Why we could turn the entire AAA rating system bottoms up and put ZZZ bloggers at the top – the cream of the crop.

    [Where is that bare assed plaster dwarf?] … oh bargainprofesser … where art thou?

    Why could even become wildly creative and make a logo, buttons, badges (what the heck) BANNERS declaring our *UBER SPECIAL NOT A VIB ZZZ* status … hey, evolvingtrends are you up for this?


    If we’re going to go for ass backward then lets GO FOR IT BIGTIME [she roared while donning her clown suit]. ;D

    EDIT: We will of course require sponsoring ADVERTISERS and they can have the distinction of being on the uber secret, subtle underground advertisers list *USSUAL*.


    Member is outrageously misleading, actually, seeing as how the majority of sites on it are powered by the downloadable version of wordpress; a different product with a different set of features. And we wonder why people get confused between .com and .org? Whoever put that page together seems to be a little confused themselves.

    I am off to make myself a non-special avatar, now. It may be pink.



    I’m changing my avatar to an UBER SPECIAL NVIB clown one … hmmm … pink, eh? … off to do … *ROFLMBO*



    I think a NonSpecial avatar is in order….



    I’m sticking to my Your burrito is kind of limp one. :)



    I’ve never one to miss an opportunity to promote my own blogs so …
    TA DA TA DA TA DA! Announcing
    the details can be found here

    @drmike – Who knows? Your OOPS! I mean “the” limp burrito may be a strong contender after all but I think I’ve got a backside that’s hard to beat *roflmbo*



    tt, you really don’t know how to pimp the hits, do you? Tag it “assporn” and it’ll be in the top ten in no time.

    But I like wank’s avatar. It says it all.



    Without doubt wank’s blue avatar entry is a first place contender too, that woman has an outstanding sense of humor but don’t give your vote way yet rain because she said she was off to create something in “PINK”.
    And then there’s britgirl off contemplating her choices. Next there will be sulz with her “team vagina” badge. Which makes me wonder what have you got on the drawing board … hmmm?
    Anyone can play and everyone’s encouraged to so if this post gets into the top ten well …
    I’ll have to think of something to append to the end … *lol*

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